A customer is allowed to be cheap/stingy. In fact, we can assume it.

But a business can’t be seen as stingy.

Hey, you have the right to cover your expenses in full and profit, but you can’t look like a cheapskate when you ARE the business. Because the customer PAYS and they expect to get what they pay for AND get a deal.

But a lot of small-time businesses think it’s ok to be cheap.

How NOT to cover costs…

If you accept a credit card, maybe you think it’s ok to charge the customer the 2% fee it costs YOU in addition to your regular price.

If you send a product overseas to a customer, maybe you think it’s fine to charge extra to cover the cost YOU have to pay for international shipping.

If you give a plastic bag at the check-out, maybe you think it’s alright to charge an extra 5 cents to cover the cost YOU pay for bags.

But NO.

It’s not alright. It looks CHEAP and customers don’t like it.

For example, I went to pay a $7,500 bill by Visa and the business decided to add a 2% surcharge to cover their credit card processing fee. It was disgustingly cheap to go the extra effort and ask for a measly $150.


A better way would’ve been to ask $7,600 without breaking it down. It would have made no difference to me.

When you approach your expense this way, it still allows profit…and the customer doesn’t notice a price jump because the cost is divided across everyone who may or may not NEED the extra service…

Not only that, but when they NEED the service, they actually think you’re special because it seems like the extra attention was free.

All the extras with no hidden cost…

At YaghiLabs, we HATE asking our customers to pay for “extra service”.

That’s why, with our Done-For-You-Traffic Service, we don’t JUST give you a traffic campaign and tell you it costs extra for us to upload it, activate it, and make it convert to sales.

Instead, we include EVERYTHING you need to get traffic AND convert to sales as part of the service, whether or not you need it.

We even do additional consultations and give some customers more time when they want!

And we do all this for ONE fee.

Check out the service and what it includes at the link below…


Life is a journey of choices. You have a choice here: take this deal and get push-button turn-key traffic that gives you money…or ignore me and keep looking for cheap traffic tutorials and experimenting with traffic that doesn’t pay.

The choice is yours!


Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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