Does Marketing Really Work?

“Marketing…creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers…”

Identifying, satisfying and keeping customers is the primary objective of any marketing campaign. Those who achieve this are going to be successful…period! Deliver satisfaction to your target market better than your competitors and you’ll quickly experience just how powerful this medium can be.

Though there are many traditional forms of marketing that are still extremely effective, there has been a major shift over the past few years to online strategies. We’ll explore a few of these here:

Social Media Marketing

Gaining traffic, leads and attention through social media websites has become big business. As the number of participants on these sites continue to grow exponentially, so too have the companies marketing on these platforms.

By creating attention-grabbing content, and encouraging people to share it, your message or brand can be exposed to a very large audience in a very short period of time. Even more importantly, people perceive this “word of mouth” advertising to be much more trustworthy than traditional sales messages.

Mobile Marketing

Marketing on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets is much newer medium and continues to grow daily. Whether you are communicating to your potential customer via test messages, banner ads or in-App content placement, massive and targeted exposure can be achieved if done properly.

Email Marketing

Another highly effective method of online marketing is through a regular (daily, weekly, monthly) email campaigns. Reaching out to your customers, and sharing valuable and relevant information, will evoke a feeling of trust and can develop a long-term business relationship. Very often, people become repeat customers using this approach.

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