Late. Bad day. Anyway, listen.

Was chatting with a client late last night when she said, *in my best Angelina Jolie voice*:

“…I have tried to improve the copywriting on my landing page…”


Copywriting? What is that?

Headline Techniques? Tricks? Marketing Cliché’s?

“Copywriting” is a label for someone’s best attempt to make an EXACT science out of an INEXACT art.

Yes boys and girls. Advertising, Marketing, Sales —

It’s all ART. NOT science.

If we wanted to, we could turn everything we’ve done to make MILLLIONS of dollars online into a “formula”. But for you, it would be a useless, pointless formula. It will not work for anyone but us.

To be called a FORMULA, a formula must give EXACTLY the expected result every time it is used.

Just like the area of a rectangle = width x height. Or Velocity = distance / time.

These formulae will ALWAYS give the exact area or velocity. But a marketing “formula” will not always give sales.

It leaves gaps only I, the creator of the “formula” can fill with my experience. Naming it, giving it a label doesn’t make it any more correct.

Which brings me to another pet-peeve:

Gooroo’s who LABEL stuff so it sounds “scientific”, like it’s a “thing”. Neat trick if you’re the author selling to customers.

Dumb of you to quote it like a parrot and not see right through it, if you call yourself entrepreneur.

e.g. Attraction Marketing, Magnetic Marketing, Gravitational Marketing or any kind of force of attraction. What is that?

Marketing that works!

I mean, who in dog is trying to sell a Revulsion Formula as a marketing technique? Of course Marketing is synonymous with ‘attraction’. The labels are Gooroo-Made, not God-sent.

NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotic Marketing? Not a thing either. It’s merely a DESIRE to convince others in a self-serving way. Not a thing. Just a fancy label to sell training in a sexy sounding way.

We @ YaghiLabs think it’s pretentious and unnecessary to give fake labels and formulas about standard shyt.

Entrepreneurs are our CLIENTS, not study-fans masturbating over someone else’s successful marketing stories.

Our experience in marketing that works is at YOUR disposal ONLY when you get a DFYT Consultation with us. Here’s how…

Marketing and selling is mastered by years of practice, experimentation, trial and error. MILLLLLIONS of dollars in sales are the only proof we need to know there is NO formula. Just what works and what doesn’t.



Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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