While overseas, I did a brainstorm with my uncle on a business project he has going. He’s founder of a very cool online community for experts and scientists where they can share their original expert content.

The website gets plenty of traffic and activity, people enjoy being members of the community, and the readers are many. But problem:

Contributors are few.

One of his ongoing concerns was that the interface was inconvenient to use.

When he spoke with his members in person, they showed great interest in contributing to the website. But despite that, they never got around to it.

What do YOU think should be his FIRST step to immediately get more contributions at his website?:

a) Should he advertise, get more traffic, and find contributors by signing up more members?

b) Should he hire a designer to make the website more intuitive and attractive?

c) Should he write emails asking his current members to add content?

d) Should he explain to his members the benefits of contributing content?

Which should he take care of first?

Give up. You’ll never get it haha.

(b) Hire a designer.

All the answers above are correct. And they are the very recommendations I gave.

But REDESIGN comes first.

Here’s why –

He already has traffic (a), so he’s not in desperate need of more. Game of numbers is a brute force sales technique and it’s for brutes.

Treating “contribution” as a product-to-sell and sending emails to convert more members into contributors (c) is a good idea…but if the interface for adding content is cumbersome he will lose the “sale” at the last minute.

And explaining the benefits of contributing (d) is a smart move, but see (c) above.

Which is why (b) should be his FIRST step.

I gave him a YaghiLabs interface design expert who will help him layout the contribution interface in a user-friendly manner.

Having an action plan of “next steps” and knowing the ORDER to implement your actions is CRITICAL. It could be the difference between success and failure. Profit and loss. Waste of time and use of time.

The Done-For-You Traffic Consultation is where you can have me tell you YOUR next “first” step:


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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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