This is highly unorthodox of me.

To write a blog post that doesn’t end with a sales pitch for Done-For-You Traffic.

But something else has been on my mind. We just finished editing a 60+ minute “mini DFYT” consultation with one of our own teammates at YaghiLabs.

We don’t advertise this much. But discretely, we record a once-monthly (very underrated) audio periodical called “Continued Help”.

Here’s what kinda sucks about it though…

Although we have a large number of old subscribers who pay $15 every month, we see precious little activity in the members area. Meaning, MOST of the people paying to get the very current training don’t even listen to it. That’s the trouble with virtual products.

Not that we’re complaining.

Free money is cool.  😉

But more funny is this:

The knowledge that so few of our paying subscribers actually listen to the recording, has given us all kinds of BALLS. We have freedom to talk on these recordings in great depth about some seriously TOP SECRET shyt! And we laugh that few will ever hear.

I mean, last month, we did this amazing “birth of a high converting PPC landing page” with THREE of our experts. I critiqued the crap out of their original attempts, and then went over them one step at a time and made a new masterpiece of conversion.

That same recording was so valuable that Magnetic Sponsoring and BetterNetworker both asked to “borrow” it as part of the content for THEIR (more expensive) paid periodicals.

This month’s recording, which is today being uploaded, is even more powerful!

And I cackle, because you’ll probably never hear it. Whether or not you pay for it.

We’re so bold on these recordings, that we share trade secrets. We actually reveal techniques that some are paying us THOUSANDS to have us do for them!

Anyway, just wanted to tease you.

You can’t get access to Continued Help.

It’s only sold as a “One-Time-Offer” after buying another low-priced (very valuable) product of ours called the Internet Business Academy.

You’re probably not going to get that either. But here’s the link JUST IN CASE you like listening to good training you pay for:


Anyway, we’re thinking of turning Continued Help into a physical membership, for a lot more $$. But it’s just an idea right now.



Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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