To paraphrase Lance (the heroin dealer) in “Pulp Fiction”:

“Email’s coming back
in a big #&$*! way”

Oh yeah, baby!

And it’s about time, too.

Every week I’m seeing even the most hardcore, “fire breathing” Web 2.0 purists starting to come around to the fact that relying on RSS feeds, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, etc to sell is not only costing them a fat chunk of dineros, but is not nearly as fun, either.

It’s kind of funny sometimes.

It’s like email is a shiny new object again.

Something exciting and unique.

But, not everyone’s convinced.

There are still plenty of naysayers nattering on about email fears (real and imagined) like a bureaucrat some day deciding to tax it (so it’s not free anymore)… or that it’ll fall off the face of the earth and be overtaken by FaceBook messages, tweets or whatever new gimmick hits the corner next.

I wouldn’t worry about that happening.

But, what if it did?

What if email was outlawed or made obsolete?

What of it?

The communication skillz you learn by writing and selling your product with regular emails can be used for ANYTHING else that comes down the pike.

And I do mean anything.

Think of it this way:

The same principles that make profitable email work, also work for articles, podcasts, videos, social media, blog posts, and even sales letters or public speaking.

There are some “cosmetic” differences.

But it’s basically all the same.

That’s why email’s the #1 most profitable skill.

Learning to communicate in a tight, persuasive, engaging email every day carries over to everything else.

Plus, it’s fun, too.

Fancy that, eh?

Having fun while making a living.

Ain’t nothing else like it.

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