Good Toast+Butter to you,

The other day, I was accused of making a “gay slur” in an email.

Let me start by assuring you that I do NOT slur when I write. I write emails first thing when I wake up, and I’m wide awake. No slurring of words occurs.

What I said exactly was, “Facebook is gay”.

And it is.

Pretty sure a large chunk of the same-sex oriented community agrees with me.

By no means am I suggesting that it’s ok to be prejudiced or a bigot.

I despise that.

But the expression itself is common in colloquial spoken English. And it may be politically incorrect, but I think these days, most people have lost their balls (and sales) for fear of being politically incorrect.

In my experience, usually it is the people who are themselves prejudiced who make a big deal about things like this. They are sensitive to the use of such language because in THEIR head it is rooted with prejudice.

I intended no offence. Many of my close friends are gay and we laugh at people’s homophobic paranoia.

Here’s the thing…

Email marketing is all about personality in communication.

And when I speak with my buddies, I don’t have these inhibitions about the connotations of every word. We just talk.

Communication should be natural. You’d not want to read emails from me if they were boringly formal and sales-driven, right?

You’d think you were hearing from some sales MACHINE instead of a real PERSON. Even a person you’d like to be friends with.

I write naturally, without inhibition, because it SELLS.

So what if there’s swearing in there, a couple of ungrammatical sentences, incomplete sentences, or colloquial phrases? There’s no one grading our work. It’s not a test in best writing…

No, every marketing email you send out to your list is evaluated by how many sales it gets.

The email in question – it earned 5,000 dollars in sales so far. It was one of our most read, most responded to messages this year.

So don’t pour over your sales material for weeks: it makes your writing mechanical, dull, and boring. And all the copywriting courses in the world won’t do jack for you if you can’t get a person to OPEN and READ your messages. Have FUN when you write, and fuck the critics.

All our writers at YaghiLabs are have great, fun personalities. And it comes through in their writing.

If you’re a little lacking in personality or you don’t know how to write sales email…let our writers write your politically incorrect marketing emails…

Click the link above to get us to create for you 10 awesome, sales-sucking emails. I promise not to let them make any “gay slurs” in your messages, don’t worry. 🙂


p.s. this email’s subject line was a dare I was given by my private Mastermind group.


Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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