You probably receive many of these every day. A variety of “letters” delivered directly to your inbox. What differentiates the good from the bad? Which ones do you choose to open and, more importantly, read? Well here are some essential tips for writing a great email which your audience will not only open, but will condition them to buy.

Subject Line

Much like the headline on a sales/landing page, the subject line is a critical component of your email. Be informative and highlight the most important part of your message. By being creative you will pique your readers’ interest and entice them to open and read your mail.

Content Purpose

Whether it’s recent product news, your latest special discount, or other valuable information that will benefit your potential customer, be sure to make your message abundantly clear. Focus on one single purpose per email and don’t confuse people with multiple offers.

Short & Sweet

Nothing irritates an audience more than a long-winded and rambling narrative. Deliver on the promise made in your subject line and get to the point quickly!

You should strive to convey your message in an interesting way, while at the same time, using as few words as possible. Infuse your own personality and humor but stay focused on the main point you are trying to make. You can then lead your prospect to an immediate call to action.

When done correctly, leveraging email to make a sale can be an extremely powerful and profitable method of online marketing.

Loyalty, Trust & Brand Awareness

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