Few days ago, Caleb, a friend and badass copywriter wrote to our mastermind group asking:

“The last 10 broadcasts I sent my customer list got high spam complaints. I wish babyboomers would learn to use the internet and hit DELETE instead of SPAM when they opt into something. But ANYWAYS…I got locked out of my account for a whole weekend because of this! What can I do?”

Ben said:

“Before sending a broadcast, send a short email with a free gift saying you’ll be emailing more info tomorrow.”

Not a bad idea. That’s one way to resurrect a mailing list which has not heard from you in a while.

Doberman Dan chipped in with a funny response:

“That sucks about babyboomers. When I first started selling ebooks in ’96 or ’97, we would get a bunch of people calling and complaining. ‘I ordered my book 2 weeks ago, and I still haven’t got it damn it.’

“Even though I said in large red letters, ‘all the books on this page are available via digital delivery ONLY. No hard copy will be sent.’ Then I put an asterisk at the end.

“At the bottom of the page, I wrote: ‘By acknowledging this, if you later contact us and ask why a copy of the book was never shipped in the mail, you admit to being a stupid, illiterate, mouth-breathing moron and you should have yourself sterilized, so you are never able to procreate and spread your inferior genes,’ or something like that.”

HAHA! Nice. Customers were NOT amused.

Anyway, even though he was a little off-topic it just proves how little attention people pay. Ben brought us back on track though…

“I know a way people can get 0% unsubscribe and complaint rate: Don’t send any emails haha.”

Nice. My solution is simple:

Make it super easy and obvious to unsubscribe. Encourage them to in the header of your message.

Never understood why marketers put a big gap at the end of their emails to make unsubscribing hard.

They get off on the number of subscribers maybe.

I like to make it super easy to unsubscribe. If people don’t want my sales pitches, PLEASE leave.

I’m actually happy when I get unsusbcribes. Last month, I ran out my email limit on iContact and paid $29 per broadcast for 4 days. I’d rather have fewer people and SAVE money on people who aren’t likely to buy anyway.

Final point:

Ben is right. If you don’t like complaints and unsubscribes, don’t email. There won’t be sales either.

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