Was reading a forum the other day and saw a guy going on about how to write subject lines that get your emails opened.

#1: Idiot.

#2: His ideas were all stupid.

Yah, there’s a million retarded guides on how to copywrite email subjects that get opened. But nobody ever tells you the power of writing email subjects that DON’T get opened.

Except me. Because I’m a fanatical scientist who gets it.

I know I said in a past that Email Open Rates are dumb. But there is one little tracking feature I use with every email and it’s a little spooky.

Each time I send out an email, I check the first 30 or so people who open it. There’s a little “details” tab in my autoresponder which shows each person who opened the broadcast.

Neat feature.

It’s fun because I see some of the same names repeated OVER and over and over.

Every time an email goes out, the same few people open immediately.

Now this might seem like good news to most. But not me.

Why on earth? The same person reading all your messages, they must be VERY interested in your offer, yah?

No. They’re not.

These names who see every email will rarely ever click through to your offer. Chances are they’ve already clicked it once before, decided it wasn’t for them, and won’t need to click again any time soon. Chances are they’re not going to buy.

So it’s not useful to always have the SAME high open rate to your emails.

Look, the goal isn’t to get the most number of people reading every email you write.

The goal is to get one distinct set of people to read the email sent today. And then another distinct group to read the email sent tomorrow. And another set the day after that, and the day after that.

To have that effect, email subject lines need to be DIVERSE. And they should repel MOST and attract FEW.

 Some shocking.

 Some questioning.

 Some answering.

 Some informative.

 Some entertaining.

No two subjects should be the same style. And when you DO get a low open rate, CHEER.

Yes, go ahead and cheer. That small group of people who open your email today are a rare “niche” of your mailing list you would have NEVER reached with any other subject.

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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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