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Today I spoke with our head of Research, whose team bring us the “meat” that fills our emails.

Meat. That’s funny actually…

Whenever I speak with clients, many want to give the “meat” up front in a free ebook or some training email series.

And I blame the gurus for this.

They propagate this myth that if you “tow the free line”, and “lead with value”, people will buy from you.

Kind of like a stripper who leads with all her clothes already off, giving out free lap dances, and wanting to be paid later.

Errmm…my guess is she’d attract all the broke lookey-loos and cheapskates. And no one will pay.

So today’s message is ABOUT free “meat”…

In the same way a stripper…who’s selling ass, can’t lead with free ass…

“When you’re selling INFORMATION, you can’t lead with free INFORMATION.”

When you give away all, most of, or some of the “meat” … you leave less to desire.

Think of your emails instead, as a commercial break. Each message should begin with an invisible line that goes something like:

“Oh, btw here’s another reason to buy”…

“Oh hey, I just remembered another reason you should buy”…

“Hey, here’s another reason to buy”…

…and forever like that.

Tease. Tease. Tease.

An email, ebook, or sales letter which sells information should ONLY have the value of reminding the reader of their problem while entertaining them in the process. It’s the only way to make them desire and be willing to pay for your information.


Is there a time when a training newsletter IS appropriate?

Is there a time when it’s OK to give out “free information”?


“When you’re selling a service which the customer DOES NOT KNOW they need and you have to educate them why they should need.”

Like the YaghiLabs Done-For-You Traffic service and consultation.

You probably THINK you don’t need it. But you do.

You probably THINK you need traffic. But you don’t.

And that’s why I send out “teaching” emails. Even though I’m a traffic expert, most famous for my amaaaazing deeds on Google and for generating 30,000+ leads in a single month…and despite that, I’m not selling you a traffic course or giving out free traffic tips …as badly as you might want it.

I’m the guy telling you: “You don’t need traffic. You need conversion.”

Need to know why? Read more here.



Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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