I dig Earl Nightingale’s style.

(The dude who co-founded “Nightingale-Contant”).

I don’t drink his kool-aid as much as most people I know, but a LOT of his teachings were spot on. And I’ve used many of them to break through some pretty big obstacles in my bid’niz career.

He had all kinds of cool insights, too.

My favorite was probably this:


“Wherever you find yourself, look around you and see what everyone else is doing. Then, if you do the exact opposite, you’ll probably never make another mistake for as long as you live.”

Ballz yeah!

That’s SO true.

And it applies to marketing, too.

I love it when some goo-roo fanboy who can’t make a sale if his life depended on it (despite buying from all the big old fatty product launches) challenges me on something like mailing daily, etc.

It’s a perfect example of cognitive dissonance.

That’s a $50 term that basically means:

People will KEEP believing (and with even MORE conviction) something even after whatever it is they believed has been thoroughly debunked and disproved.

Think doomsday cults.

They predict the end of the world.

The end doesn’t happen.

So their little minds now scramble to make sense of everything, adjust the “deadline” (ha) and believe it even more.

Hey, a wise man once said:

“The masses are asses.”

Hard to disagree with that, eh?

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