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I’m having an annoying day. You get those sometimes?

Spent the morning tracking down a virus that infected our WordPress site. I think I fixed it now, but if you do see a warning from Chrome when trying to access please email me back immediately and let me know.

Either way, the exploit is a problem for us and should not harm your computer in any way.

Spent the rest of the day with a headache from the depths of hell itself.

So I decided to see Project X. It’s a new-ish movie on DVD…if you haven’t seen it, there may be some spoilers ahead but a relevant lesson came of it.

Then again, the story isn’t much; but if you like seeing lots of nakedness, then you’ll love it.

The plot goes like this:

A teenage group of nerdy kids decide to put on an “epic party” which they expect to be a game-changer that will take them from nobodies to the most popular kids in school, overnight.

The party goes amazingly but it takes a turn for the worse when they discover a batch of ecstasy inside a gnome stolen from a drug-dealer’s home.

Everyone goes crazy, the entire neighbourhood is set on fire. In the end, the main character who put together this disaster becomes super popular and is voted most likely to succeed.

After a short-nap, I couldn’t get the movie out of my head.

What bothered me about it was its lack of “a moral”.

All good stories, no matter how silly have SOME kind of moral or karmic justice. This didn’t have any.

Even Zombieland which was hilarious as heck had the moral that survival is meaningless unless you have a “family” to enjoy it with.

But aside from a lot of naked girls in Project X, I couldn’t find ONE useful moral. I mean, the kid totally destroyed his family’s home and car and the ENTIRE neighbourhood was set on fire, then he got exactly what he wanted–he became the most popular kid in school. He got the girl. Everything worked out, even though he did a really messed up thing!

So it got me thinking…

A lot of the Gooroos and their fanboys have been seeing what I’ve been doing with my emails and started imitating.

But they think my secret is to tell pointless stories, email frequently, and use lots of offensive language without a moral.

All our emails have a logical MORAL with Karmic Justice…and that’s why they work.

It’s kinda like the people who think they’ll get to be as rich as Steve Jobs by dressing in a black turtle neck and black pants.

Neglecting the very fact that this guy’s uniform had a moral – he valued his time SO MUCH that his uniform was part of a SYSTEM to NOT waste any time EVER thinking about his appearance!

There’s no issues with colour coordinating when you’re wearing black. There’s no issue with formal or informal when you wear a Turtle Neck and pants to everything.

It’s DEFINITELY not a pointless, moral-less fashion statement as his imitators believe.

Our emails work because of their morals and other stuff that’s not obvious to the untrained eye.

The rest is just “personality” and each person is unique with theirs.



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