There are various ways to charge clients when offering your services to deal with PPC campaigns. It goes without saying that the more work that is involved, the more you are going to charge. You may charge a fee, a $ amount per action or result, an hourly rate or a mix of them. Billing method of choice will depend on your skills and how much you believe in yourself and the ability to get results.

3 in-depth ways to charge for PPC campaigns…

say you wanna charge your clients a flat fee, per month. you will want to charge a one time set-up fee then the monthly fee…

here are some examples of a one time set-up fee

  • PPC setup for a small web site including up to 60 keywords, 10 Ad groups, and 20 adverts = $449 set-up and $100 flat fee
  • PPC setup for medium sized web sites up to 100 keywords, 20 Ad groups, and 40 adverts = $799 set-up and $200 flat fee
  • PPC setup for large and corporate web sites up to 150 keywords, 30 Ad groups, and 100 adverts = $1,299 set-up and $500 flat fee

when deciding upon the monthly fee, you will have to calculate how much of your time will need to be spent. how much do you think your time is worth?

do some research into what your competitors are charging. This will usually range from 5-20% of monthly ad spend.

what about an hourly fee?

charging an hourly fee is probably the most simple. you get paid for the hours you put in. i guess it’s for the ‘play it safe’ type person. I’m not a fan of this method for 2 reasons…

  • there is a limit to the hours you can work
  • companies may not be so keen to out-source to paid by the hour services

if you do choose this method, PPC employees typically make around $45,000 a year plus bonus, so you are looking at around $60,000

the best option?

like, put your money where your mouth is 🙂

i have always liked paid by results!

the better you are, the more you make. people will chase you for your awesome services and you can charge a premium.

take my buddy jim, you may know him as the traffic guy.

he gets RESULTS.

he won’t work with ya if he thinks he can’t…

he could pretty much charge…

whateva the hell he wants 🙂

so, if you’re good and you know you get results…

Now by results, we are speaking about, eyeballs on website! you are the traffic dude, NOT the sales conversion dude.

so i wouldnt enter into an agreement where you are paid a % per sale.


well, you could drive hundreds of thousands of people to the website and your client doesn’t make a sale.

the sales funnel may be flawed.

this is NOT your fault.

i would however, expect you to be telling your client that the landing page or sales funnel needs work, and if you can’t do the work, enlist the help of an expert who can.

so, why not charge a set-up fee plus a $ amount per action? something like per lead generated or per 1000 website visitors?

win/win situation right? 🙂

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lots of love,