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It’s been rough getting back into my routine since returning from travel. Lots to catch up on, including back-logged work, a LOT of missed sleep, and being under the weather.

In any case, I wanted to share with you a little traffic insight today. This came up while reviewing a campaign for a traffic client we manage…

I think one of the biggest hold ups entrepreneurs have when starting their business is that they try to do too much preparation before getting started.

The Gooroos who are interested in selling lots of information products over-complicate things to the point there’s too much to consume all at once. And it’s a total time-suck.

Starting your traffic is simple…

You have a product to sell, you bring people to your site, then you start selling it.

So everyone gets really caught up in the details of getting it perfect…like setting up their website, then writing a landing page with killer copy, a sales letter, an email sequence, and then super-dooper targeting of keywords and a gazillion ad split-tests. TOO COMPLICATED!

Bah!!! Makes my head spin.

Pro’s don’t do it like this. Here’s what we do:

We start out by getting a bunch of keywords that our audience is searching for. Lots of them. AND I MEAN LOTS!

We write 4 ads, each with a drastically different angle on the offer. Solutions for different problems.

Then we run the campaign with minimal tinkering. We are up and running in hours.

Where we see desirable results, we expand on them.

Let me give you a quick example we worked on today…

One lady we built a campaign for as part of a DFYT consultation had nearly 100,000 keywords and 4 ads.

After 9 days, we found she was receiving 1.5 million impressions on ONE keyword.

We could have wasted our time creating landing pages for each keyword and special ads to match each. But we didn’t.

The adgroup that was producing all these impressions was providing 1,800 clicks…more than enough traffic to refine.

Best part is, the keyword that was getting all the impressions was a variation on what would have been an EXTREMELY expensive keyword. We got TONS of visits from the SAME audience for a fraction of the cost!

Next, we identified the ad pulling best, killed the other ad angles for that ONE adgroup, and wrote a fresh ad based on the winning one–with one key difference:

The headline was directly correlated with the keyword that got the result…

The rest of the adgroups we left untouched until a later date if they showed promise.

Like this, we immediately amplified where we were already getting results. We increased the effectiveness of the impressions with the better-correlating ad, and as a result we hope for many more conversions. The entire thing took 15 minutes.

On the other hand, we might have wasted DAYS writing and split-testing ads for keywords that were never going to get many impressions unless we bid several dollars a click.

This is why you need us to build your traffic campaigns… 

The Done-For-You Traffic service is what we call it. It’s super-affordable and gives you IMMEDIATE traffic at the lowest possible cost to you.

Sign up for a DFYT with us today…


We’ll have you setup and eating more traffic than you know what to do with.



Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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