Best Things In Life Are Free?

i laugh at the idea of “free” traffic. because there is no such thing.

See, i’ve done the “free” thing and i know. What do you think is free?

Article marketing.

I beg you go look at my Betternetworker profile and try to find a pattern between the articles that did well and the ones that didn’t. I’ve written over 1000 articles since i got into online marketing. And i found that when you want to make money, you’re going to have to spend a little too.

Don’t worry, i plan to explain this to you.

Have you noticed that some of my recent posts have included images at the very start of the post?

It would seem like just a way to make the post look pretty. But really, it’s a second chance to get someone to read the rest of the post.

When precisely placed, the image will catch the eye first. And the text before and after it will make them curious to read more.

Not only that. When you share your post, in Facebook, you can choose that image as a way to catch people’s eyes on your Facebook wall!

Perhaps those two things were obvious to you, now that i point them out.

But now you’re saying, so what, I can get free pictures to put on my posts. done. right?

Not really. You see, i have experimented with different pictures and photos on my articles. But there’s a certain type of image that can make or break the article.

Unless you are an artist or a photographer, you should use a service like to get pictures to use in your posts. Do not copy other people’s stuff because it is illegal and will get you sent to jail. You can buy “royalties” to the pictures and photos others make at the iStockphoto website.

The price for a license can range from 1 credit (about $1.50 i believe) to as much as $45.

Usually photographs cost the least. Drawings tend to cost more because they are editable and very high resolution.

So guess which images people respond best to in an article post?

You guessed it. The high resolution drawings.

For the life of me, i don’t know why but this is how it is. And every time i have spent the $40 to have a high res drawing placed inside the body of my article…the article received a lot of views, comments, and interactions.

Free traffic makes a great marketing pitch. But the reality is, that’s all it is.

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