Did Google Adwords make
a new keyword Match Type that’s better !?

Could this be a way to get cheaper and better traffic from Google?

My friend Shelley Ellis told me about it. She’s my go-to-gal for all things to do with the Google “Display Network”. And she’s always on top of the coolest, latest, new things Google invent for advertisers! Like this one…

Anyway, here’s the full story, direct from the Google blog (if you rather i don’t spoil it for you):



Do we need a new match type?


People are thrilled with this addition. The original “broad match” type was intended to allow an advertiser to use a single keyword to show their ad on all variations of the search.

Unfortunately, due to what I believe is incorrect use, the broad match got a bad rap. Many marketing experts have gone on the record to say that one should avoid it (although it is the default matching behaviour for new target keywords).

This new match type addresses people’s concern by giving a new level of control. I am sure this will encourage many of the marketers who missed out on the ease of broad match, to venture into “broad match land”.

It works by exactly matching the parts of the query that you specify. And also it “fuzzy” matches the other parts of the same query that you specify.

I love the original broad match.

It has brought me amazing returns.

I’m also glad Google didn’t change how it works in any way. So, if you’ve grown fond of the original broad, like i have, then don’t worry. Nothing changes for us! 🙂

One day, I am sure, I will find a use for this new match type.

But hey, if you’ve started using it already…maybe in the comments section below, you could share with everyone some examples of how you’re using it! Only if you want to though. 😉

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