creating content is where you’re gonna spend most of your time as you build yourself an insanely profitable online business. it’s an awesome way to build credibility and authority, so when people are ready to buy…

they come to you 🙂

what is it exactly?

content marketing is where you educate, inform or entertain web users with the desired outcome of them spending money with you. you may do this via video on youtube, blogging or article writing via a site such as ezine articles

for example…

little bob is selling a weight loss product, he writes down 50 topics from

how to lose weight without feeling hungry


why it’s important to drink water

each of the 50 articles or videos, educate the web user on ONE SPECIFIC topic. each piece of content leads into little bob’s product, the web user buys and little bob makes money 🙂

so does content marketing work?

you bet!

how fast will i see results?

it’s important to understand that it takes time to build momentum with this type of marketing. it’s easy to get disheartened when you are producing content with no results but persevere. it’s a long term strategy, you may even see some instant results and some sales from your very first piece of content, i have seen this happen in my own business.

what to focus on?

i think it’s extremely important to focus on…

quality NOT quantity

i hear people telling stories of banging out 10 articles a day, it’s kind of a waste of time as if they are junk, nobody is gonna take time outta their busy schedules to read some crappy article.

other horror stories you hear are mis informed marketers thinking the most important things are the search engines

uhm…..thats false

write or shoot your video with one goal, and one goal only…

to educate, inform or entertain the web user

you never know what piece of quality content you are gonna produce that may go viral. this happens when you produce summin so awesome that everyone can’t help but share it with their friends

there is a better way…

when you generate leads with a ppc marketing campaign and market your content to them daily, this can rocket your sales, and it can produce instant results

if you come join us over at the Yaghi Labs IBA, that stands for Internet Business Academy 😉 we’ll teach you waaaaaay more indepth about how to make killer content marketing campaigns

lots of love

ewan 🙂

ps, it’s not just content you will learn in the IBA, it’s everything you need to know about running a crazy profitable online business, see ya there


Josh · January 12, 2012 at 11:22 am

I have several pieces of content online on Youtube where I consistently get contacted and thanked for. My intentions were to simply provide some info without all the junk I saw other people had out there. Doing so the content ranks higher then other videos and articles which have more views and longer history. One thing I learned a while back was G-T-T-P, or Get to the Point.

Thanks great article on content marketing.

    Ewan Robb · January 13, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    hey Josh, thanks man 🙂

    well done on your vids

    dont ya just hate when you click on a video and it goes on……and on…….and on when you just want to see the thing that ya clicked it for in the first place

    as a matter of interest, the videos you are seeing success with, how long are they?

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