Espionage, covert operations and intrigue! Just another day in the life of a PPC keyword spy…and yes, if you want to save time and become more profitable, you’ll want to engage in keyword spying and learn from your competitors’ mistakes and successes.

Before we delve into the clandestine underbelly of the pay per click marketing world <grin>, and determine how effective this technique really is, let’s review the mission dossier.

Keyword Research

The purpose of your keyword intelligence gathering is to find the actual words and phrases used by your ideal customer to locate the specific Internet content they desire.

Not only can this information be valuable in generating more targeted traffic, and creating more profitable PPC campaigns, but the keyword data can also be used to optimize the website you are driving the traffic to.

Keyword Analysis

After you gather a list of keywords, it’s time to analyze their relevance to your campaign in order to optimize your advertising budget, increase your conversions to sales, and to locate new market opportunities.

While this may seem to be a repetitive and time-consuming task to many, the resulting benefits are more than worth the effort.

Keyword Spying…shhh!

Learn which keywords are really used by your target demographic. Find out the actual keywords used by your competitors in their successful campaigns. Don’t over-spend by using highly competitive keywords when you can be much more profitable with mid-range competition. Achieve greater results and minimize your cost per click expenses with a well-researched plan of action.

You can join the ring of “keyword spies” by using either a free or paid PPC spying program. These programs will show you exactly what keywords and phrases your competitors have been using over a given period of time and so much more.

Remember, your goal is to attract paying customers (not just visitors) to your site. Find a keyword tool that provides you with search engine ad tracking, traffic and keyword cost estimates, actual PPC ad copy, domain keywords reporting, ad position or rank, pay per click costs and competitor research results.

Interpol Alert!

Keyword spying is considered to be a legal and ethical practice for online marketing.

Tools of the Trade to Track Your Competition

Keyword tracking tools give you immediate access to a variety of statistics for both organic and PPC search traffic. Google’s free keyword tracking tool can be found at 

Google AdWords Keyword Tracker

Google external keyword tool

Other popular tools used to find leading competitive keywords are: SEMRush (, Compete ( and SpyFu (

A newcomer on the scene is Brad Callan and his revolutionary PPC Web Spy tool. This is a simple yet powerful Firefox browser plugin you can easily download and run. A free version is available. Check it out at (

Come in from the cold…

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