How Many Leads Should A Good Landing Page Generate?

According to recent reports, up to 50% of the people who visit your landing page will leave in the first 8 seconds. Many more will fail to fill out your optin form and others will leave false contact information. So what’s an online marketer to do? Let’s investigate a few key elements which will have a direct effect on your results…

Conversion Rates

Defined as the “number of goal achievements divided by number of visits,” conversion rates for e-commerce landing pages fall between 1-4%. A goal can refer to opting in for free content, being added to a newsletter mailing list, or another similar offer which results in a lead being generated (i.e. email or contact information being gathered). Even highly targeted traffic, sent to a relevant landing page, will only generate about a 15-20% lead conversion rate.

Traffic Sources

The most common sources of landing page traffic are PPC (pay-per-click advertising), SEO (clicks from a search engine query), and Social Media sharing (e.g. Facebook, Twitter). Your job is to convert those clicks into contacts, and the contacts into sales. Traffic generated through an extremely targeted PPC campaign will generate many more quality leads than simply tweeting a link on Twitter. The type of traffic you send to your landing page has an immediate and direct correlation to your conversion rate.

Landing Page Optimization

Keep your landing page simple and to the point. Offer something free and enticing in return for a lead’s contact information. Split testing your landing page and experimenting with different elements is imperative.

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