How to Create a Good PPC Landing Page

Creating a good PPC landing page isn’t as difficult as it may seem. When you follow some basic rules, and mix in your own creativity, you will start to see some great results in your business.

What Is The Purpose Of Your Landing Page?

A landing page is effectively an exchange between you and your potential customer, which should be beneficial to both parties. You promise to give them something in return for their contact details. Typically, you highlight a problem and offer the solution.

Identify The Problem

Offer The Solution

In most cases, this is the sole purpose of a landing page. Remember, you’re giving away some of your hard earned coins each time a user clicks on your ad so it’s pretty important to get it right.

So What Makes A Good PPC Landing Page?

Remember the last time you went to the movies and you saw a trailer for another film that made you turn to your buddy and say…

dude, I really wanna see that film

…well, thats exactly what your landing page should do. When the user arrives it must create that desire, that excitement, by giving a glimpse of what is on the other side without giving the whole film away in the trailer.

We live in an environment where most seek ‘instant gratification’. You want to instill belief that what is on the other side is about to feed the craving for instant gratification. By that I don’t mean just tell them what they want to hear. I’m assuming your offer is awesome and will deliver what it promises :). When you do this, the user will be bashing the keys like a caffeine-fueled ninja to get their email address in before they miss out on what you are offering.

The Components

Keeping your page clean and simple will always convert better. You DO NOT want distractions of any kind. Typically it is best to use black/dark grey copy against a white background, with the header in bold red.

There are 5 main parts…

  • a pre-header
  • a header
  • sub-header
  • the info part
  • the optin form

The pre-header…

This isn’t as important as the other 3. I have seen, and also created, high converting pages both with and without. If you choose to use a pre-header it should be much smaller than the header. I should be a short statement to address the visitor or make a small statement related to what you are about to say to them.

The header…

BOOM, this is where you make your awesome statement that will have them giddy and begging to give you their contact details…and later, some of their coins. It is the most important part of your page. Headers should be ATTENTION GRABBING and larger than all the other copy, usually a bold red colour in a font such as tahoma.

The sub-header…

This is where your bribe or your offer goes. What do they have to do to get the benefit.

The info part…

This is where you put bullet points stating all the benefits to the user if they submit their details. You may also do this by means of a short video.

The optin form…

This is where the user submits their details to get your offer. Name and email is usually enough. The more steps you give the user to complete, the less chance you have of the conversion. I quite often ONLY collect the email address. Include a STRONG call to action here.

Yes, LOTS of People Get It Horribly Wrong

Remember that your page has ONE objective – to get the user to give you their contact details. Do not try to do anything other than this. You are selling the next step, i.e, submit their details, you are not selling products or services at this point. A landing page that has mulitple options, information on the whole company, it’s owners and any other distractions will see your spending money disappear into the hands of PPC platforms with no results to show for it.

Keeping It Legal

At the very least you should have the following pages visble on your landing page…

  • terms and conditions
  • privacy policy
  • contact / customer support

Make sure it’s 100% clear what visitors contact details will be used for.

Oh, The Personal Creativity Part

Don’t get stuck in the gooroo box when creating your pages. You know what I mean. You’re soooo scared to try anything because they didn’t say it was cool. I was in the box for a while and when i jumped out and got creative with my pages, i had my first $50,000 MONTH. well, it was actually $49 and summin k but what’s a few hundred bucks between buddies huh? 😉

The stuff you need to take your web business to a whole new level is right here under your very nose in the Internet Business Academy.

Lots of love


p.s. here is an example of a freekin awesome landing page that converted like crazy

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