How To Get Amazing Conversions From Name Squeeze Boxes

Right so Raymond sends out an email and i’m not the type to quote from email threads, but this is educational. Raymond’s email has a SINGLE link. nothing else. Wow. Rude, right?

I clicked the link and was taken to this site where a guy does a study to test the two versions of the form to my left. You’ll notice the form with fill-in-the-blank exercise  actually significantly outpulls the traditional one.

Ferny emails back to tell us how excited he is about the concept.

Meanwhile, I came up with this example i might use on my “bugger off” optin box :


My name is _________. Pleased to meet you Mr. Jim Yaghi. I’d love for you to email me some of your insights to marketing and your ebook on having a great time while keepin it real with the lord. You may email me at _________________.

Best Wishes,


Look at that, I even got them to tell me their name twice. Booyahh!

I haven’t tested this, but it would be worth a shot. If you get amazing conversions with it, let me know.

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