If you consider yourself to be an online marketer, you figure you already know you need a bribe, landing page, autoresponder, etc.

so you got a few cheap thrills from having your own domain name, you got excited about writing your pretty little ebook and designed its cover with stock photography, protected it in a members area. just so you can market your affiliate product or program.

and you’ve spent months mastering all these skills – tinkering with HTML and javascript and images and website hosting…

then you went out and tried to get traffic, PPC, SEO, Facebook and social media…

but let me ask you something…


Are you a millionaire yet?

Are you?

Don’t you think that maybe these ebooks, courses, masterminds, programs, and systems you’ve spent thousands on…all of them claiming that you’ll make $30,000 your first month just by learning what they tell you in their $50 ebooks…

…by now, don’t you realise that it’s all a load of bull?

don’t you think they might be underplaying the amount of work and skill required…

don’t you think they might be overplaying the reward you can expect?

You’re smarter than that!


these gooroos are masters of BLUFFING.

There is no substance in their products.

They decide the price BEFORE they create the product.

Products are always skantily clad, long-winded sales pitches for their next money-making scheme. so they can spend on your hard-earned money on alcohol binge bills of $2,000/night and strip-clubs for $25,000 in a single night.

All they know about selling is their fluke-testimonials…and unvalidated claims.

They’re only interested in taking your hard earned money, in any way they can. With they least work they can get away with.

Creating a customer experience, teaching you something worthwhile is not their priority.

Read their sales letters. See what i mean. It’s all hype about money, dollars, money, leads, and cash.

on the other hand, there’s little detail about what the product IS and what it does.

Because it doesn’t do much, duh.

If a product is REALLY useful,, you should be able to tell by yourself from its marketing exactly what its value to you is and decide for yourself how much money the knowledge will make you.

Notice every product pitch says some variation of the product they pitched you the week before.

You’re not some personal ATM for a loser gooroo.

it’s because i respect you that i RARELY make money claims.

our headlines, the main benefit of our YaghiLabs products, is reserved for conveying the USEFULNESS of our products. Not for making some surprising, unverifiable claim about earning potential.

when i speak about money, it’s only by way of example in the body of the sales presentation.

Because our products have SUBSTANCE.


So our Done-For-You Traffic solution…

you’ve already spent much on training programs and systems that claim to train you how to make big buckeroonis…and seen little result.

so i won’t insult your intelligence any more.

this is NOT A TRAINING program.

it’s a service i DO FOR YOU.

i consult with you and put you on the right track so you’re building your business correctly. the advice will be custom tailored to you, specific to you…unlike some generic advice you’ll read in an ebook…that you may or may not know how to use.

i will give you a document outlining all the things you need to modify your business and website so that it’s finally profitable and successful long term.

and i will build for you an entire traffic campaign.

it will be custom-made for you as well. i don’t give templated campaigns. it takes me NINE HOURS per client to build each campaign.

i do all the hard work of creating your campaign, and all you need to do is maintain it.

i don’t want to charge you a lot of money for account maintenance, because my maintenance rates are expensive. and honestly, the setup is the hardest part, not the maintenance. so i’m saving you my account maintenance rates and giving you the part most important to you.


So go ahead and order the Done-For-You traffic solution at the link below.   http://jimyaghi.com/about-jim-yaghi/consult-me


yallah (c’mon). order it!



Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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