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Almost didn’t write this post today.

But kept thinking about you in the shower. You eager beaver looking for tips from me on a Sunday and me sleeping in till 5pm. You DO deserve an advantage. And here it is:

Few days ago, a Facebook discussion started when a friend of mine posted an excited update announcing he was about to begin an AdWords Certification in Chinese at one of the local Google Training Centers.

“Good on ya mate”, I thought to myself. But then I got pissed off!

Not at him. He’s cool. But at the response he got from one of his friends.

*reading in a numbskull douchebag accent*:

“They won’t teach you the RIGHT way there, they’ll just teach you what Google wants you to believe.”

W-T-F? OMG stfu! Blithering idiot. !@^$%!!!



Let’s dissect:

So what he’s saying is Google wants to teach their customers how to use their advertising platform WRONGLY so they can sell their ideology? I don’t get it.

It’s exactly what is wrong in this industry you’re studying. Stupid remarks like this being propagated without so much as a thought, from one school drop-out to the other– like gossip, but with the holiness of gospel.

How come all the gooroos who thought they were smarter than Google and were teaching and propagating this exact statement are today permanently banned!?

I mean, if they understood so well how to use Adwords, better than Google (who invented it by the way), wouldn’t they still be generating gangs and bangs of leads today?

This whole thing would have been forgivable if the guy making the remark was some silly half-witted newbie, reading an old copy of the traffic bible. Except he was a PPC GOOROO, self-proclaimed expert who said this dribble.

You know what my claim to fame is? 

Why the Gooroos keep begging me to manage their traffic even though I tell them the only use for their products is in the toilet, as a substitute for No-Frills toilet-paper?

I set a record in this industry of generating to ONE offer with a SINGLE Google campaign 1,000 leads every day for 30 days straight. I did this during one of the biggest Google Slaps of the time

…and then I repeated this record again during one of the BIGGEST Google Bans known to mankind, two years later.

The first time I set the record, I did it without being Google Certified.

But the second time it was ONLY after I took the Google Certification exam…and I studied the training for weeks on end.

Because I refused to use my account until I knew exactly how to keep it safe. And it paid off big time. I’m still standing, still generating leads on Google, still kicking ass and taking names.

By the way, the Google Certification training is COMPLETELY FREE and it was more useful than any Gooroo course I ever bought.

It’s publicly available and accessible. The test costs something like $50 but the training costs NOTHING.

And…there’s no hype, testimonials, or sales pitch to buy a second “upsell” training.

It is full of case studies. Examples. And it is EXTREMELY accurate and thorough.

Yet people choose to spend thousands on products created by Gooroos who have NEVER been through the free Google training.

If you were impressed with my record, then think about this…

Google generates MILLIONS of leads. And billions of dollars with their advertising.

So you want to learn traffic right, learn it unadulterated, from Google.

Prefer the guy who holds the industry’s record in lead-generation help you with your traffic, then click below:


But NEVER, ever trust a Gooroo claiming to teach Google for $$.



Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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