A recent shift in strategy in the affiliate and network
marketing world has been towards “personal branding”
and positioning of yourself as a compelling part of your
overall offer. While I do see some value to that, I’m
not completely convinced.

In a way, things have come full-circle. In MLM in the
past, “you” were the issue. And it was your responsibility
to become the “voice box” that transmitted the information.

It wasn’t as much about the products we were promoting as
it was about our ability to perform or how well individuals
could sell.

We saw people taking water filters door-to-door and we saw
people doing party-plans with candles and cosmetics and we
saw people trying to retail thousands of dollars of skin-care
and weight loss products.

And while all of that is still viable today, through the
mediums of faster communication we can make money at a faster
rate and promote a more desirable “selling” atmosphere for the
masses. And in doing so, we as an industry (MLM) become more
flexible and thus become more desirable for the masses to
participate in — which offers each of us in network marketing
more leverage and appeal!

In many cases, the mistake networkers make is that they try to
“become the issue”. Which they shouldn’t be. Because if you teach
“celebrity” or that having a robust personality (selling) is a critical
factor in your operation, you’ll drive away the bulk of your
potential downline.

Because the masses can’t sell and don’t want to be in your selling
business. Naturally, solid relationships and having “people persons”
in your downline is what we all strive for.

But I’d rather make the process of prospecting relatively easy for
people so I can (A) attract more people and (B) let the system attract
the right kind of people for my business. So we erase people’s need
to be “sales types” and we simply get them to blitz the market with
our information.

Which is easier? Giving a post card or one-pager to a prospect
that points to your Web site, or trying to train them to do one-on-one
combat with their friends through “by the book” in home presentations?


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Jim Yaghi · August 19, 2011 at 11:50 am

i like that this post discourages people from being a “celebrity” to sell MLM. the problem with it is a) MLM is not that cool to people outside MLM, so your celebrity status targets the wrong people. b) they’re fakes who come off as arrogant SOBs. selling isn’t about YOU it’s about the customer. maybe to a certain extent what they see of your lifestyle may interest them, but not when you rub it in their faces. so props for pointing that out. the other stuff, about blitzing a market, sorry i can’t agree with. mainly because this isnt a business for them….it’s just a business for the system owner. but that doesn’t take anything away from the central message there man. thanks for writing in!

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