Today, I Killed Facebook

i was given a chilling reminder.

For years, i have spoken about almost nothing but Google. i felt like, whenever i started to say anything, people could predict i would say “Google”. Perhaps i was a broken record – stuck on Google, Google, Google.

When the key players had their Google accounts shut down one by one, their interest in Adwords eventually died out.

For a while there was a wave of…

“How can i get my Google account back”-s

…but they also died off too.

That’s why, in recent times, when a client has come asking for traffic, i’ve often abstained from Google and advised them to use Microsoft Adcenter or Facebook.

It was safer for me, since most of their offers were what Google deems unsavoury. Testimony to that, most of these clients came with already banned accounts –

let’s be honest, for them, there was no hope of ever getting back on Google.

Perhaps it was just absent-mindedness on my part, something i’m notorious for, but that’s the only explanation i could give for why i would START a campaign FOR MYSELF on Facebook.

If it wasn’t absent-mindedness, maybe it was because Facebook PPC is fast, easy, and works.

The Internet Business Academy ads ran for a few weeks.

Expertly, i tested several and came up with ads that got as much as 1% click-thru-rate. (Yes, that’s 1% not 0.01%.)

Click costs were ridiculously cheap too – but click-to-lead conversion gave trouble.

All sorts of headlines and offers were tested on the landing page before i found something that converted to my satisfaction.

But all the while, i remember being frustrated. Why were there no CLUES as to what the customer was looking for when they clicked the ad?


I would yell at my computer.

Why would someone click an ad that says, “i will show you xyz” and then leave when they see the landing page saying, “here is xyz”?

Is this not why they clicked?

Did they not want xyz?

I reminisced about Google. Good ole Google – where a customer SEARCHES with whatever is foremost on their mind. Where a customer responds to an ad because they see an answer to their most pressing question in that instant.

Ahhh….Good ole Google!

Facebook’s targeting does not allow the power of targeting what is foremost on the customer’s mind.

On Facebook, you target potential prospects by topics of general interest.

If they happen to click your ad, great. But the reasons are across the spectrum:

it could be just out of curiosity – or because they want a closer look – at the picture! – or because they want to see who wrote this retarded ad.

You really don’t know why they click.

On Google, if you get a click on your ad, it’s because it promises an answer to a question on the prospect’s mind, right at that instant.

And if you don’t screw up the landing page, you should get the prospect to follow through to get the answer by taking whatever action you want.

I was lazy. For a while, i let the idea simmer in my head.

Until last night, i just did it.

I Setup a Google Campaign and Went to Sleep — In the Morning, My Inbox was Stuffed Full of Lead Notifications.

By the end of the day, i killed my Facebook ads.

It seemed a better idea to divert the bulk of the advertising budget to Google.

And this, my friends, is why i have ALWAYS preached Google, Google, Google.

Because Google is unlike any other. It allows you to answer questions in the heat of the moment while the prospect is still asking them. Facebook is wonderful for certain general interest offers. But when you have a specific problem-solution offer, Google is king.

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7 Replies to “Today, I Killed Facebook”

  1. I agree Jim. We have been the same. Google or nothing, and when Google attacks, it is invariably nothing that you are left with.
    But the fact remains, the fundamental truths of direct response marketing and the psychological and emotional triggers to human buying behavior are what Adwords is built on, and marketing by stealth and distraction (FB PPC) just cannot compete.
    So the challenge is to be original, relevant and ethical, and go after that market already “on heat” to buy your solution.
    I still believe Google is the definite platform to do this.
    Great post BTW.

    1. thanks Tanya,

      yep it’s a matter of knowing where your offer would do best. of course if google isn’t an option for someone that really does suck. but there’s always Bing which does a similar job.

      search marketing in general has this ability to be instantaneous. but i was trying to think of some good FB offer examples….feel free to throw some back at me here.

      i thought probably a good one would be like a new novel that’s out, a new movie, a radio show, a tv show…

      these are the kind of things which don’t have problems to be matched up with. if you like a certain author, for instance, you may like another who writes in a similar style or category. that sort of offer is appropriate for Facebook’s targeting.

      what else?

  2. Jim,
    Super post. I have never dug my heels in to learn Google PPC and when the slap happened, I moved on like the others. Dismissed it as NOT something I would ever look at. That’s about when I tried FB PPC, and having little knowledge about Google PPC I thought would actually help me with FB. And I got the clicks, but no conversions. Til finally, I realized that I could continue paying for clicks and have nothing to show for it. So I stopped – for now. Given that the industry I’m currently in is considered “unsavory” I don’t think Google works for me UNLESS I take a different angle. Perhaps positioning ads that I teach others in-demand skills for a transitioning economy so that they can break free from situations that are undesirable and into something more fulfilling and sustainable. Still trying to pin this down.

  3. Hey Jim,
    I guess it would depend on what you are selling (and whether your business is online or brick and mortar). I think all those ideas are good ones. With a FB ad you have interrupted or distracted your prospect (rather than have them come looking for you as in search), and these are softer “bribes” than a report or free e-book (I like these ideas – offering a gift rather than hard core information). Would have to have a think about it though. I have a friend who is in an offline business, and we are consulting with her about setting up an appropriate funnel for her business which is both retail and service oriented. Her most profitable niche (by a very long shot) is self funded retirees, and we will be looking at building her presence on FB, as baby boomers are the fastest growing demographic there at the moment, so right up her alley.

    1. Tanya,

      you just reminded me of another good use of Facebook actually.

      when you are targeting by demographic. Facebook is an excellent way to do that, particularly with a mass market offer.

      weight loss, for example is a mass market offer. so is “make money” but that is not an easy one to target by demographic. like you cant assume almost all 20-30 year olds want to get rich on the web. where as you can probably guess that most women over a certain age, who have been married or have children, may very well be battling with their weight. hopefully that doesnt sound too presumptious, but you know what i mean, it’s a good bet.

      either way, i think what you said about facebook requiring a “soft bribe” is a good point also.

      in fact, bribing for leads should not be the primary focus of a Facebook ad. something more engagement oriented like “take a quiz” or complete a survey may be better.

  4. Definitely Jim. “Bribe” was not a good choice of word for me to use (but used it so you would know what I meant) – because the prospect was not actually searching/asking for anything.
    I like the idea of quizzes and surveys – potentially very useful way to gather data if done well, and if the unbelievable number of quizz/survey based apps on FB is any indication, people seem to quite like doing them.

    PS not at all presumptuous re the weight loss thing…sadly

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