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A feller wrote in yesterday with a question I’ve answered often. Here it is:

*clearing throat* (reading in Irish accent):


 “Hey Jim,

I just got through reading the offer on this page:

I’ve got an offer that’s converted from my email list, and I’m sure it would convert with some good PPC traffic – that’s where I need your help.

I think the done for me would be the way to go.

I have no problem with the $2k,

After all, I just finished reading your article in Ben’s newsletter.

How much of a budget for PPC would I need in addition to the $2k?


Would you consider breaking it in two monthly payments of $1k each?”


Ok, he probably didn’t say it in an Irish accent, that was just added for dramatic effect. Anyway, onto the…


If you’ve never done PPC before, I suggest you set aside a budget you can afford to lose if you had to.

Think about it like this:

“If I made no sales from my traffic for 6 months, how much money would I be able to comfortably spend for 6 months straight with no return?”

You may get a return much sooner than that, but the biggest mistake is to dump your entire budget into one month (or day) of advertising and then sit around twiddling your thumbs with no money left over. Better to pace yourself.

Your number could be like $200/month if that’s what you can afford. If it’s less, that’s fine. If it’s more, better!

The advantage of having a bigger ad budget is in how quickly you can test the market and what it responds to. Smaller budget is just slower at testing, still works but.

Don’t do PPC without a budget.

I suggest going to work, picking up a second shift if you gotta, and save up to a target budget before you start playing.

Next Question…can you pay in installments?

‘ang on a Tick.

So, a couple of days ago, I went on a tirade at a guy who got all antsy after 3 days of starting a DFYT (I’m Not Your Employee!).

In that post, I might have made the DFYT Option #1 sound really mouth-watering and like your Internet livelihood depended on it (sorry!).

But the truth is we’re backlogged and not in a rush for new clients.

So if you can’t afford to do the Option #1 consultation in one shot, don’t.

A better way, which is much quicker for you and us, is the Option #2 consultation @ $497.

It’s scheduled within the week.

It takes 2 hours.

It’s delivered entirely on the phone.

And what you can do is, ask for a step-by-step walk-thru of setting up the traffic for your specific offer!

A few smarty-pants already asked me to do this with them. We completed seed-keyword research, targeting, worked out the conversion process, specific landing page copy, and even basic ad copy angles they could run with.

Pretty useful use of their time!

This way, you can save the remaining $1,500 you were planning to pay us for Option #1 and use that for your ad budget!

As the Irish say, “Free mooney”. lolz.

Read more about Option #2 here:

And if you find yourself still tempted to do Option #1 in instalments, email me back and we’ll try to work something out.



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Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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