Nicola Hilton

Why would I join YaghiLabs as opposed to MLSP?

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      3 Responses to Why would I join YaghiLabs as opposed to MLSP?

    1. 3 Nods

      why would this be a choice? As I understand, MyLeadSystem Pro (MLSP) is a marketing system for network marketers.

      YaghiLabs is a training academy for online entrepreneurs.

      So the choice depends on you. do you want to market a network marketing company or are you open to starting a web business with your own ideas?

    2. dwayne

      Nicely put Jim.
      Just to add.

      MLSP teach the same marketing techniques to the masses which will dilute your results

      Yaghi Labs teach you about online business and how to survive in business regardless of trends.


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