A reader sent us an experiment he was working on – with its UNFORTUNATE results – take a look:

Me and my brother have submitted 41 articles as of today.

We are targeting long tail keywords that have about 20-50 searches a day.

Articles are about 300 words long on average, and it takes me about 15-20 minutes to write one.

Our goal is to make one sale each PER day. So to reach this goal we started treating IM as a real job for the next few days.

Despite getting 11-20% conversion from their landing pages, and their attempt to build links to their blogs for SEO purposes…

… the experiment flopped!

The main issues I see when I speak with your fellow subscribers in the IBA member forum is that you guys refuse to WORK in your area of specialisation. You want businesses in areas you have ZERO experience and then expect to earn profit quickly.

The brothers i speak of, started out with the right idea in mind, but made a critical error.

Here’s what I mean …

They used ezinearticles to save themselves spending money on Pay-Per-Click marketing. Which is fair enough.

The resource box in ezinearticles is where you get to pitch your readers on clicking a link back to your website landing page. Conversions are typically higher. These brothers received 11-20% conversion. Nice.

After one day, one of the two brothers got 150 clicks while the other received 66 clicks. They found that their resource boxes were the main difference in their approach, so they started using the winning resource box. Again, smart!

But here’s the issue…

Within mere days, the brothers got tired of the effort required to do article marketing and decided it wasn’t worth the work.

Some of their whiney complaints included:

– Their original content was blatantly stolen and often ranked higher for the thieves in search engines.

– They also decided after only a few days that since they received no sales, the problem in their approach was keyword research. A silly conclusion, I’m sorry.

We may have come to that conclusion if they received few views on articles. But as long as the articles were generally related to the topic, their problem had NOTHING to do with SEO and more to do with…

… their consistency.

You see, at the very beginning, these brothers made an intelligent statement they seem to have forgotten shortly after beginning.

Do you know what it was?

To treat IM as a “job”.

They didn’t follow through and quit their “IM job” after days of starting – because it didn’t pay them after days of very tiny effort.

If they were my employees, they would have been SHOT!

In our comprehensive IM training course, the Internet Business Academy (or IBA for short), we show you a number of very important business principles.

One of which, is that the Owner/Operator of a business is an EMPLOYEE of the business before they become its “owner”.

We even suggest that you pay yourself a SALARY instead of dipping into the profit.

Revenue is something you shouldn’t pull out of your business until the end of the YEAR. For tax purposes!

If these brothers saw themselves as employees of their own business, they should have fired themselves rather than QUIT.

Demanding pay after days of very little work is unorthodox!

It’s not how businesses that make big bucks work.

The IBA has many important lessons on mind-shifts and business processes that you MUST adopt if you hope to make a profitable business.

We show you how to manage your time, your staff’s time, and your MONEY.

How much should you re-invest?

How do you plan your business budget?

What ratio can you collect?

And much more.

The IBA is a revolutionary course in the IM niche because it turns your little home-based “money-making” hacks into a real BUSINESS.

We are not like your cookie-cutter gooroo’s. We’re service providers and we KNOW this intimately well.

Join us today for only $19.95 and you’ll find yourself in a WHOLE NEW WORLD. Your business will dramatically change and start drawing real profit in only 30 days.



Use the link above to enrol. This course is jam-packed full of revelations for both the newbie and the advanced marketer.



Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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