It’s a pet peeve. You’ve noticed, haven’t you?

A sigma leader forcefully moves forward–Unwavering. Unapologetic. — whoever follows, follows.

Alphas NEED the masses to follow. Sigmas don’t care who follows.

So I find it a bit fu*ked up when writing client emails, that I have to maintain certain safeness for the sake of the client’s happiness. At the detriment of their sales. It’s a compromise I reluctantly make. Otherwise being a service-provider would be idiotic.

I’ve learned to strike a balance between “what the client wants” and “what the client needs”.

Because I’ve come to realise that most “marketers” are wannabe’s and they don’t feel comfortable being different.

Different is equated with being the “black sheep”.

Can’t have that can we. No, no…

But YaghiLabs are not wannabe’s. We ARE marketers, unique, and true. Marketing HAS to be innovative, fresh, new!

“Sales don’t come to those who are safe, same, and proper.”

Consistently doing everything opposite and counter-intuitive has been profitable for me. More important, however, I’ve been happy because I’m comfortable in my skin. I don’t need to sell out myself or my clients to earn a healthy living.

One classic novel, The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, has a theme of VICTORY for people who follow their heart. Here’s a quotable conversation between two journalists in the novel — I think it PERFECTLY underscores this idea for Marketers:

He said:

“Speaking of architecture, Dominique, why haven’t you ever written anything about the Cosmo-Slotnick Building?”

“Is it worth writing about?”

“Oh, decidedly. There are people whom it would annoy very much.”

“And are those people worth annoying?”

“So it seems.”

“What people?”

“Oh, I don’t know. How can we know who reads our stuff? That’s what makes it so interesting. All those strangers we’ve never seen before, have never spoken to, or can’t speak to–and here’s this paper where they can read our answer, if we want to give an answer.”

Award-winning Journalism and marketing are brother and sister. They’re both fresh, opposite, and give a different point of view.

Writers write for invisible audiences. They can’t see their reaction. To get a response, you HAVE to provoke, annoy them, rub them the wrong way, be politically Incorrect. That’s how you know you have readers, even without a single reply.

Sure you can write like everyone else, be a follower, a member of the masses, constantly please everyone. If that’s your purpose.

But if your purpose is to be READ — If your purpose is to evoke reaction – if your purpose is sales, you HAVE to ruffle feathers and be new.

Turn off MOST and turn on FEW…

That’s how ONLY we can do. We setup your traffic, landing pages, and sales emails in a way you have NEVER been trained. See how at the link below…

When you hire us, we’ll TRY to write safe sales emails for you so you don’t get to feel like the “black sheep”…but if you REALLY want us to help you SELL, you need to trust us and give us permission to write words that fu*k people up.



Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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