it’s about time i give it to you straight.

There’s too many folks trying to promote a gazillion different products on shit that doesn’t matter.

SEO and PPC techniques. Traffic rubbishness. Skimpy thin products for “newbies”.

not only are they nerds themselves, clueless on any topic of marketing, but they have no real appreciation for the longevity of their product choices.

If you can crank out a new product every month, then by all means keep selling technical manuals. but that’s the problem.

technical manuals, stuff about techniques of social media, traffic, SEO, and PPC…you’re playing in a dangerous arena of ever-changing technology.

no sooner is a product released, the techniques become obsolete in days.

There’s a better way…

Sell something ever-green.

And sell to a mass market.

Case in point…

Eben Pagan, a well-known and respected internet marketer built a 10 million dollar a year empire selling dating advice to men.

Under the fictional name of David De Angelo, he sold a simple little ebook for $20 for men on how to “score”. Then upsold a range of seminars, events, coaching, and other stuff. All starting from ONE little tiny $20 ebook.

He promoted NOTHING but dating advice for years.

His market was not some little tiny niche. No…it was ALL men who wanted to score…and what man doesn’t? come on seriously.

The product was ever-green too.

No matter how old it got, no stupid software update would screw with his business.

When one day he decided to pursue different interests and wanted to sell a business training seminar, he was able to leverage his existing customers.

Wanna know how?

He went to his Dating Advice list and created a series on How To Be A Man.

Basically, it told these childish men that in order to get more dates, they needed to grow up.

And part of growing up is to get serious about their career, make more money, and be successful in general.


An internet-based business worth millions, he’d show them how to build.

All the girls would be lining up to date them.

Cringe away ladies, but it’s the truth. Women love a fella with deeep pockets.

Sure enough, that seminar was one of the most historic internet marketing events ever. it sold for $10,000 a pop and nerdy men all over the internet paid and attended.

Now i’m not saying that you should target nerdy suckers with your products.

But isn’t this a SMART strategy you could learn from?

Evergreen products is where the money is at.

Products that are independent of technology.

Timeless products.

Products that have a MASS audience of billions of people.

They can be super simple. But as long as they target a MASS market, you can sell anything else you want with just a touch of creativity.

So grow up, and start promoting products that matter.

The Internet Business Academy will show you how to find and create such products.

We’re all about mass market.

You can advertise products like that ANYWHERE and people will buy them, regardless of their background.

You won’t be limited to stupid Google traffic and its nasty rules.

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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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