This is funny.

Client gets in touch with me this morning.

THREE days after a DFYT consultation.

“Hey Jim, when do you think you’re gonna be done with my campaign? Is it gonna be much longer? I really need to get things going asap.”

LOL! Ok, being excited is one thing. But this is ridiculous. So let me make a few things clear about DFYT:

1. I’m NOT your employee

Yeah. Just because you pay me to do work for you, doesn’t make you my boss.

I’m an expert consultant, hired to tell YOU what to do. If anything, I’m your boss for a brief period. So don’t be sending me bullshit emails like I’m on a deadline and you’ll fire me if I don’t make it.

Hey, we got no problem showing you our progress. That’s why, immediately after a consultation, we hook you up on our “work file” where you can actually see your contract being delivered in real time.

2. There’s a lot of work that goes into a DFYT

To be exact, it takes 20 employees to put together ONE Done-For-You Traffic package.

Immediately after a consultation is completed, a technical guy sets you up with a Secret Stash membership account. I begin doing initial keyword research, writing ad copy, and finding email topics.

After this, the research team goes to work understanding your market and their hot buttons. Their findings are passed to the writers who put it all together into 10 awesome sales emails ready for me to proof edit. If I’m not happy with the work, I return it and make them start again from scratch.

Meanwhile, your landing page takes a minimum of FOUR employees to complete. An expert traffic person ensures congruency with ad copy, a copywriter comes up with the copy, an expert designer builds the page as a concept in Photoshop, and finally a programmer puts it all together into HTML and CSS files. Then guess what I do? I check it, including invisible code, from top to bottom and force them to repeat everything if I’m not happy.

While all this is going on, our traffic team is conducting DEEP keyword research based on my initial research. This exercise takes two TRAINED employees working on my signature system over two hours each to finish. It’s super boring. It super sucks.

When all is done, another employee uploads everything to your AdCenter account. And a Quality Controller checks the final work before passing it onto me for a final check. If I’m not happy with it, guess what? I make them repeat.

That’s not all. Once all the different work pieces are complete, we begin building your advertising manual: 70+ pages of business planning. An employee puts together the basic pieces from our work then I go through and flesh out the remaining advice. It takes me 1-2 weeks to put it all together and it’s the hardest part of the job.

3. You don’t pay for my time; you pay for my expertise

If you just want the job done “quick”, then you should hire someone from eLance.

If you want the job done RIGHT, then hire us.

On your own, it would have taken you at least SIX MONTHS to a YEAR to put together what we do in 1 month. And quite bluntly, ours will work – yours won’t.

Sound good? Here’s where to give your traffic “the YaghiLabs treatment”:  http://jimyaghi.com/traffic



Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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