I once knew a BRILLIANT copywriter who spent days staring at his computer screen.

Working on a single headline…on a landing page.

This thing was a mammoth. It spanned over 4 lines. Every so often, he would read it to me, rather excited about a word he’d added, removed, or replaced with a more “powerful” one.

He switched a phrase to all caps…

…Made another bold…and then italicised…and then underlined.

He tweaked that headline till it bled.

When i recall this today, i must admit, i laugh a little.

I guess when it comes to landing pages, the headline is about the only place you want to have any copy. So you can’t fault the guy for working so hard on it.

But truth is, a lot of other things (far more powerful) affect how readily a visitor will fill out your contact form and become a lead.

For starters…

A four-line headline is not read.

According to a recent study, most web users consume only 20% of any webpage. That goes for your typical 15 minute landing page video too…

…it’s a waste of time..

An effective landing page gets to the point quickly, with few words. The visitor needs to know what’s on offer and what you want them to do in 6 seconds or less… otherwise they’re gone.

That’s not even the whole story.

Before the copy even has a shot, any images on the page take attention first and speak for you. So if you aren’t using graphics on your landing pages, you’ve missed out on a pretty sweet way to pack a lot of message into 13 milliseconds (the length of time it takes the human brain to process an image). And worse, if you’re using some dorky stock image it’s going to help the prospect decide to RUN AWAY before you can impress them with your slick copy.

Ahead of images and copy, however…

The prospect absorbs the structure of the page.

Many landing pages, in an effort to get everything above the fold (the part of a page seen by 100% of visitors), they would put all their content into multiple horizontal columns.

This has the fantastically undesired effect of confusing the heck out of a prospect about where to look first.

A confused prospect is a leaving prospect. Go ahead, tweet that.

In tests done by Google, they found that vertical layouts increase user satisfaction and completion rate of landing pages as opposed to horizontal layouts. Nice tip to take to the bank.

So it’s not about cramming everything above the fold…the headline, the bullets, the video, and the optin form…

Rather it’s about figuring out the minimum a user needs to see first, which makes them want to scroll for more.

More important than copy, images, and layout…

It’s the emotions you evoke in your visitor.

For this, the most powerful tool you have in your marketing toolbelt is a well chosen colour-scheme.

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