Cure for Internet Learning Disability

Bless her, my mother, she’s been learning for over a year about stock-option trading. Until recently, she’s been having some seriously bad luck.

Today she tells me that her luck has turned and she’s finally making profitable trades! woohoo!

But only a few weeks ago, she was frustrated, confused, and ready to give up.

So what happened – between then and now?

She took the simple advice I’m about to give you.

The Learning Disability

Do you have it?

Is that what’s preventing you from getting the results you want?

Here are some of the symptoms:

  • Do you feel guilty every time you get a “training” email or video that you don’t open?
  • Do you think you’re missing out on something important if you don’t buy that one training program about to be taken off the market?
  • Do you feel confused about what you should be learning?

If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations you’ve got…(drum roll please!)…


Terrible condition! It’s really not your fault either.

But what causes it?

Two things:

  1. Having too many “teachers”
  2. …and…Having the freedom to choose what to learn (and what not to learn).

Let me show you what i mean.

My mother, it seemed, had found herself on a number of training email lists…much like our “online marketing” ones…

Gurus and experts in stock-option trading would sell education and give their students guided advice on:

When to go into a trade,

When to get out,

And how much to bid.

…Seems easy enough, right?


After months of being on their lists, she had conflicting ideas and advice from every trainer.

One favoured this technique, another preferred a different technique. Each technique had merit. Each technique had drawbacks.

The problem?

My mother picked and chose which advice to follow.

One day she took advice from Guru A. On another day, she took advice from Guru B.

The result was confusing. Nothing worked. The methods she combined were randomly put together by her. But they were incompatible with one another!

She picked on the basis of what she liked – what she thought was faster or cheaper.

That’s not how each trainer intended for their method to be used.

The same is true with online business.

You’re probably learning from many different marketing trainers. 

Don’t believe me?

Think about how many email lists you’re subscribed to – how many “trainers” tell you what you should or shouldn’t do every day.

Ok …

And how many training programs do you own – are they taught by the same person?

And how often do you reject and select what to implement from a training? Do you skip chapters? or do you go through and implement everything in a course you buy, cover-to-cover?

If i’m right, which i suspect i am, you probably do exactly what my mother did.

No wonder learning is hard. No wonder you have information overload.

Learning doesn’t work that way.

That’s why in school, we only have one teacher per subject. Each teacher goes through a curriculum and doesn’t give their students the option to jump to what THEY think is relevant.

Because the student doesn’t know. That’s what the teacher is for.

So if you have information overload, get over it quick!

My advice?

Choose the one course you want to learn – and block every other teacher. Follow exactly what they say, even if you don’t agree with it or fully understand it. Don’t be a wise-arse…just follow.

That’s what my mother did in the end.

I said follow your favourite trainer and unsubscribe from everyone else. Don’t get smart – just do everything they tell you to the letter.

She did (finally) – and it worked.

That’s how to get over your learning disability.


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