Don’t Be STUPID on iTunes


I think it was back in March i let you guys hear the pilot episode of my new Podcast/Radio Show titled, “Don’t Be Stupid” on traffic and marketing.

We’ve had the first 7 episodes recorded and ready for a while…but we got delayed launching.

The good news is, today we officially launch the show to the public.

The first episode has been approved on iTunes and we’ll be releasing a fresh episode every Tuesday.

In the show you’ll learn lots of cool stuff about marketing, traffic, and running a successful business online. We’ll also entertain you and make you laugh from time to time…and other times we’ll probably bend your brain a little and make you think hard…

This is a kind of a “public service” i’m doing COMPLETELY FREE for you guys.

But I hope it’s ok for me to impose on you with a quick favour.

We have 8 weeks to get this show into iTunes “fresh & popular” category. If we don’t, then there’s probably not enough interest to be worth continuing.

So if you’ve heard the first episode (or want to hear it), we’re going to need as many reviews as possible.

All you’ve got to do is listen here:

And the just leave us a comment/review at the same link.

Here’s a few ideas if you don’t know what to say…

* Ask us a question you’d like answered in a future episode.

* Make a suggestion for improvement.

* Tell us something valuable you learned from this episode…

* Suggest an idea for the topic of a future episode.

* Or, if for some reason you though the episode sucked…well tell us so.

Jonathan and I want this show to be valuable and entertaining to you guys. So we’re open to any suggestions.

First we’ve gotta establish there’s an audience for this. So please, if you listen, leave a comment…every review will help!

We’ve also got a bunch of cool free bonuses, prizes, and even entire free training courses coming your way soon….just for listening in and leaving your feedback.

Stay tuned for more!

Here’s the link to the first episode again where you can leave us your review.

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

And remember, we’re releasing a new episode every Tuesday. We’ve got a new show format starting at episode 3 where it’s only 30 mins, so there’s a less room to fluff more room for value.


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