Fastest Way To Get PAAAAaaaaiiiiiddddd!

few years back, i was in Geneva for my first ever academic conference.

was there to present my Artificial Intelligence research to a bunch of scholars many years my seniors.

it was my dad’s proudest moment.

i was 22 years old–with a discovery most of the guys in the room had dedicated their life’s research to finding. i solved it in about 8 months.

anyway, thing i remember about that day, was my feeling of FEAR.

i had been ill the entire week and missed most of the conference. in the hotel room, i sat with my dad debugging the code i’d written….while he helped with my presentation.

finally standing in front of that room facing my “colleagues”, it sank in just how RIVETINGLY SCARY the whole thing was.

What if they asked something i didn’t know the answer to?

the first sound to come out of my mouth was this HOARSE WHIMPER!

Immediately, i told myself, whatever you do, DON’T clear your throat, don’t pause, just talk. you know this, keep going.

and i did.

Everything that followed was golden. the Professors and world reknowned scholars became totally engaged with my message and were very impressed.


because i knew my stuff.

most of the people who come asking for my help with their business really FRUSTRATE me. admittedly, i get frustrated with incompetence pretty quick.

but i mean, why the heck would you choose a business where you need to TEACH marketing and sales to others–when you have never made a cent online?


gun to my head, gun to my head…

what’s the fastest way to make money?

different for everyone….but for me, i’d sell a traffic service. or become a programmer for hire.


because i don’t have to learn any new skills. i’ve been paid to progarm since i was 9 and i’ve been advertising online since i was 16.

in a bind, these are the fastest ways for ME to get paid. Not necessarily the fastest for you.

How about you? What’s your quickest way to get paid in a bind?

it SAVES TIME to base your product or service on skills you already have. (we’re showing your friends how to do that in the IBA right now. )

it also makes you actually sound like you know what you’re talking about BECAUSE YOU DO. it makes you TRUSTWORTHY. no need to pretend to be an authority with stupid photos and lame ebooks.

if you insist on having a business in a field you’re totally incompetent in….like marketing…like affiliate promotion…like traffic generation…

then factor in learning time for god’s sake!

– it  could take years of application before you’re ready to make money so stop bitching and whining about not having results.

if you’re REALLY smart, then you’d avoid that nonsense all together. Sell a product or service that uses unique skills, experiences, and expertise you’ve gained over your lifetime –

Aside from that, there is no other way to have a “quick” business.

The YaghiLabs IBA training program shows you how to identify your core skills and turn them into a business…

Examples? Ok…

Say you’re an accountant at a large firm, doing it for the last 15 years, GREAT!

Consider selling accounting as a service. Or create accounting templates for people who do their own business finances. You know all the in’s and out’s and you’re an authority on the field. There’s countless creative ideas you can come up with, that i couldn’t even think of.

Say, you’re a transactional lawyer. Hire a progarmmer and create a legal form generator. i’d buy that! you’re in a business.

get the idea?

everyone should have a business that is UNIQUE to them.

Finding a business idea that is YOURS alone is FUN.

The results are QUICK too.

The YaghiLabs IBA training program shows you how to identify your core skills and turn them into a business…

Module 2 is all about identifying a unique idea that’s yours alone.

The step-by-step method we go through, we’ve  perfected it over the past 4 years in numerous client consultations. it’s been a winner every time.

So if you haven’t enrolled yet, the progarm will be available for only a few more days with a 20% discount.

here’s the link to enroll…

August 16th the course is released to the public and the price gets  jacked up. So don’t put it off. Join!

Jim & the YaghiLabs Staff

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  1. Absolutely brilliant! This may possibly be my favorite piece of writing I have read online. Ever.

    “it also makes you actually sound like you know what you’re talking about BECAUSE YOU DO.”

    Reminds me of 2 words that seem to have been completely forgotten and abandoned as of late… Integrity and Authenticity.

    Excellent article Jim!

    1. Zak i’m with you there – authenticity and integrity are key. unfortunately, when it comes to money people seem to forget both. here’s to hoping for better web entrepreneurs!

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