I used to give advice—for a fee, of course.

But then I realised no one really asks for advice…They ask you to confirm decisions they’ve already made.

And if you don’t agree with them, they’ll argue until they’re blue in the face trying to force you to give them the advice they want.

Like, a good friend of mine recently graduated, dove head-first into the job market, and asked me to look over his resume and cover letter for a genomics research position.

Following a bit of TMI about fleeing the maternal nest and moving halfway across the country, he had this…ahem…gem of a sentence:

“After four months of ‘finding myself,’ I feel confident that this experience has helped cultivate my maturity and focus.”

Way to draw attention to your shortcomings, buddy.

I tried to tell him that a cover letter is not the place to discuss your self-exploration (or point out gaps in your resume), but that’s not what he wanted to hear.

Despite me being on the hiring side of the table for quite some time now, my friend didn’t want my expert advice—all he wanted was empty compliments.

What a waste.

End of the day, people always prefer their own opinion, even if they know next to NOTHING about the subject.

Take traffic.

I get paid to give traffic consultations.

And my advice isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. After all, I’m this industry’s AdWords expert with eight years of massively-funded field experience, hired by nearly all the affiliate system owners and ‘gooroos.’

It’s unfortunate, but rarely do the system owners actually take my advice—even when they’ve paid for it—because I don’t tell them what they want to hear.

EVERYONE (even those who should know better) wants a simple, 15-minute fix.

You’ve heard gooroos chastise their customers for “shiny object syndrome.”

Makes me laugh.

Not that it isn’t true. It absolutely is.

But guess what? System owners are the EXACT same way.

They believe there’s some magical traffic unicorn that will enable their shytty, hype-filled offers on a major traffic platform that will deliver infinitely-scalable clicks on-demand.

Ain’t happening.

No self-respecting traffic platform wants them. And the system owners are just as susceptible to ‘magical thinking’ as their customers.

They’re looking for instant riches as much as the next guy. And they don’t like to hear that their marketing must behave like an actual customer-interfacing business, with the appropriate legal behaviour of a company that plans to stick around.

Can you imagine a REAL business that doesn’t want their phone to ring?

Can you think of ANY affiliate system that provides REAL customer service that isn’t farmed out to an off-shore, low-cost call centre?

The reason they talk so much about the ‘entitlement’ mentality is because it’s like looking in the mirror. They think they’re entitled to traffic, that they deserve traffic, that they shouldn’t have to observe the rules.

Ha! Good luck.

But this is to YOUR advantage.

If you’re willing to take the time to do the work of building a legitimate online business that is intended to stay around past next month…you’ll be able to advertise where NO ONE else can.

But you have to actually DO the steps and in the right order too.

The Super Traffic Machine isn’t some ‘beach millions’ BS.

I always get a little sad at how affiliates usually approach their business. It typically takes months, if not years of frustration and spending 1,000s of dollars before they come around and trust that even though my process APPEARS to be slower, it’s actually the shortcut…because it gets you where you want to go.

The “quicker” stuff on the market isn’t quick at all, because it sends you in totally the wrong direction and you keep starting over. (Just think of how many domain names and websites you currently own, and how many “money” systems you’ve bought into and how many of those are producing a single red cent today.)

The DIY Super Traffic Machine is the most innovative product ever released in this industry for this reason alone:

it’s about building a low-budget, high-potential BUSINESS.

You can’t screw it up—I built the manuals as a sequential process of steps, decomplexifying the actual steps required into a serialised, linear process.

Translated, that means, “Simple.”

And it IS really a process, a step by step, screenshot by screenshot thing. It walks you through every detail and every decision. It’s a breath of fresh air if you’ve been at this affiliate marketing thing for a while now.

Best of all, the process works and we’re proving it inside every super traffic machine kit.

It’s not just the step-by-step methods—I’ve honed and trained my staff on over the course of years servicing tons of clients at my traffic agency. But we also created a real, live example throughout the course, that follows the steps, one at a time so you can follow along.

Try to find that anywhere else.

(Hint: you can’t.)

The best time to get started with the DIY Super

Traffic Machine was last year.

The second-best time is today.

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