I’ve been staring at my monitor for hours upon hours.

My eyes are strained and my head is throbbing.

There’s good reason for my discomfort. A huge deliverable was just released and I’ve got an important meeting Saturday where I’ll be pitching this project to a major potential client.

You know what’s interesting about my preparation?

When meeting with top execs they’re looking for a few specific things to judge your competency. And not once has anyone asked me how big my “why” is. No one’s wanted to see my vision board or inquired about my limiting beliefs.

No, when meeting with C-level execs (ya know, like CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, CFOs, that kind of thing) they want to know: (a) does your solution innovate and add value to their business and (b) does it work as advertised?

There are some interesting negotiation tactics at play too. You’ve got to be confident, not cocky. Proud, not prideful. Interested, not interesting.

But at the end of the day, the C-suite wants to talk numbers. Planning and design. Timelines. Implementation. Monitoring and controlling. Milestones.

In short, they want to do business.

However, in the guru industry, all that’s talked about are hopes and dreams.

You’ve been told to dream bigger? That success is thinking the right thoughts? Or to find your REAL why?

I can’t think of a better way to keep you stuck, spinning your wheels, frustrated and broke.

Gurus will blame you and say it’s your lack of belief that’s holding you back. “You didn’t paint a picture of those six figures colourfully enough!”

But you know where REAL belief comes from?


And you know how you get results?

You implement a solid business plan.

That’s it.

I don’t care if you’ve got a positive attitude. In fact, if you’re too positive I’ll ask you to kindly fugk off. It’s annoying.

You know what, though?

If you simply DO what I tell you to do…you WILL get results.

It’s that simple.

That’s why creating a DIY Super Traffic Machine isn’t the result of some big idea that requires you to search deep within your soul.

It’s not something you can attract to yourself with universe vibrations, mindfulness, or contemplating the right combination of pictures or words.

Creating a Super Traffic Machine is a simple process.


That almost anyone can follow.

I say almost because this is a logical, methodical process you have to follow from start to finish–and some people won’t do that.

You’ve got to actually follow my instructions, which will require some good ol’ fashioned work.

Honestly, it can sometimes be boring. Dream boards are easy–you get to think about beaches and nice cars. Following my process involves thinking, writing, and creating something new.

Each manual of the Super Traffic Machine includes a specific method, which breaks the entire process into step-by-step actions using proven templates and exercises.

Look, I’m going to put this bluntly…

Even if you aren’t terribly smart, as long as you actually DO the exercises (even sorta wrong), you WILL ultimately end up with a fully-functioning Super Traffic Machine.

This is how it is designed, to work no matter what. (As long as the instructions are followed.)

And I don’t say this to flatter myself, or you, but the simple fact that you’re reading this tells me you’re smart enough, and ready to do the work.

You’re not here for a guided meditation or a ‘mind movie.’ You’re here because you’re ready to stop buying hopes and dreams and start building a real business.

You’re ready for the DIY Super Traffic Machine.

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