MLMers say the DARND-EST Things

MLMers make me laugh…

They say the darndest things…”oh I am helping people better their lives” they say.

And I ask, “How about yours? Are you having a good life?”

Because regardless of what the new disguise they’re wearing is, call them Attraction Marketers, call them Magnetic Marketers, call them Online Marketers, call them Info Marketers, call them whatever they are calling themselves today…

When I ask them, “What are you selling?”

Their answer is always, “I just want to help people…(insert useless thing here)…”


How can somebody weak help anyone?

Fatso lard-asses claim they want to help people get healthy.

Traffic-starved online marketers claim they want to help people get traffic.

Money-grubbing, poverty stricken network marketers claim they want to help people make money.

Are they stupid? They are the ones in most desperate need of help.

So if I hear one more fool claim what they’re selling is “I just want to help people X” I’m going to run them over twice with a rental truck. Once in drive and again in reverse.

In fact, I once heard a famous dipshit Gooroo teach this illogical idea:

Look at what YOU need most and then go create a free bribe teaching people like yourself to get what you want. Then you can get leads.

I can’t believe people were going around spreading this dogshit around like he actually gave them a serious traffic revelation. LOL.

Look I’m no expert at being a Gooroo. I wouldn’t have a clue on how to begin.

Because I have this annoying thing called a BRAIN and it makes me critically analyze what I say so i don’t say anything stupid. Selling what you don’t have in the first place makes no sense.

So let me save you some embarrassment when you get on a consultation call with me.

If I ask you “What are you selling?” and you don’t have what you wanna sell, just say, “Could you help me find something to sell?”

And I promise I’ll have a lot of respect for you. Because you’re doing the right thing…talking to someone who has a) built a very successful business online…and b) has helped many people like yourself sell to the masses. And you’re asking the right question instead of answering a very retarded answer.

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