New rule!

This is

But it’s typical
for our industry.

Often students
of mine buy my traffic training programs and learn ONE technique in theory
(that’s all it is until they’ve put it to use)… then they immediately turn around
and sell themselves as experts on the subject matter…without even gaining any of
their own hands-on experience!


When they
fail to manage their client’s campaign effectively, they come back to ME asking
for help with their client’s campaign, like it’s MY problem they sold a thing
they can’t deliver on.


In what
world is this a thing!?

Back when I
ran my intern program, my guys were given real client campaigns to build and
manage, but I was on top of them, checking their work, sending it back for
revisions, and when they failed, doing it completely by myself.

Out of the
many applicants I accepted, it took TWO YEARS to train the ONE guy who had the
patience and aptitude to master campaign management for clients. And even then,
I still work closely with him.

I’m trying
to reform the Home-Based Internet Marketing community and introduce strong morals
and values to a pretty shady, shytty industry, where there’s no shortage of
self-proclaimed gooroos who have no interest in teaching or serving ANYONE
other than themselves.

Then I’m
asked to do this! Essentially, helping them to prolong the façade, before they’re
inevitably exposed for the frauds they are.

Times like
this, I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle.

happened to treating others how YOU want to be treated?

Think on

Would you
hire someone to do a job for you, if you knew they have little or no

Would you trust
them with your ad budget, and your business money, if you knew they’d never
done any of this before?


In fact, if
someone managed to fool you and you hired them, you’d be right pissed off when
you found out too late they didn’t know what they were doing. You’d consider
yourself CHEATED and SCAMMED.

Which would
make you far less trusting in general.

This hurts
all of us!

living in a world where nobody can trust anybody. Where the only rule we can
count on is TAKE or get TAKEN.

I don’t
want to live in that world.

Do you?

Not only does it hurt clients, it hurts YOU–you look like a right digkhead when you get exposed for a fraud.

So here’s
what I’m doing about it.

The next
time anyone asks me for help with a CLIENT campaign they’re managing, unless
they prove to me without a shadow of doubt that they are more than a
one-trick-pony who’s just barely bought one training…

I’m going
to outright ignore them.

I refuse to
participate in their cheating.

Don’t get
me wrong.

I WANT you
to take my training and learn from my experiences in traffic generation. But think
of what I teach you as a “launch pad” to get you started on the right path.

That, by no
means says you’re an EXPERT or that you can sell services and training, just by the mere act of taking the class.

All it does
is qualify you to start running your own experiments on your business. You still need
to gain your own experience. And if you choose to sell traffic services and
training later, you should be selling YOUR methods you learned from YOUR experiences.

How do you
get that experience?

Get Traffic
KickStart – it’s designed from the ground-up to help you launch a traffic
campaign FAST. Get it here…

Then you run
your own traffic campaigns with your own money. You should start seeing results

With a bit of practice, you’ll develop your own modifications or improvements to this
technique (it’s one of many variations I use, depending on the situation –
KickStart is designed for TINY budgets, but it can be modified for ENORMOUS
budgets if necessary).

Once you’ve
proven you’re “onto something” that makes money, sell that shyt to your heart’s

I’ll be
your first customer too.

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