The carparazzi & the white gold Bugatti

“Outside London’s five-star Dorchester Hotel
sits a Bugatti Veyron. These 253mph supercars are rare enough at the best of

“But this one is unique; known as L’Or Blanc,
or White Gold, its exterior is inlaid with porcelain, giving it the appearance
of a highly polished humbug”

…says the
Daily Mail.


I laugh,
because supercars of any kind in the Arabian Gulf, are anything but rare.

So here’s
what’s going on…

summer, there’s an influx of Arabs from rich Gulf States holidaying in London. But
they don’t come alone. They ship their luxury cars with them.


To show

In London,
this stuff is news.

It’s a
spectacle that draws crowds of “Carparazzi”…people who come to look and take

For us here
in Dubai, these sightings are kind of normal.

When you
live in a place where luxury cars are more common than cats and dogs, you’re gonna
have to get pretty creative…and obnoxious to stand out. Cover your car in gold and
diamonds… buy “unique” license plates (eg, “6666”) for hundreds of thousands of
dollars… add a unique custom body kit…

…and travel with your car to countries where your car is more of a spectacle than it is at home.

I like
Google traffic for the same reason.

Just like
the spoilt Arab supercars in London, it doesn’t take much to stand out.

I mean, everyone
and their mom is in the organic search results (left of the page)…

…but far
fewer people even try to get in the paid ad space (top and right of the page).
That’s where Google ads go.

Plus, paid
ads get their own listing.

Google makes all their money from ad clicks, not from organic clicks, they show ads in their own spot to ensure your ads stand out.

Better yet,
Google ads can be seen OUTSIDE search on other related websites.

Which means
you have access to more ad real-estate and more people.

So you can
see why I have the balls to claim that my KickStart training gets “traffic to
you in minutes”…because it does.

But to me,
the biggest benefit of advertising on Google is this.

WHO you
compete against!

The Daily
Mail shows a picture of a Saudi holidayer’s Range Rover parked next to
a Londoner’s Rolls Royce Ghost…

You hardly
notice the Rolls!

In the same way, advertisers on Google are clueless about marketing.

They haven’t been exposed to years of marketing training like you, fighting tooth and nail for attention. They don’t know how to get it.

Traffic KickStart, I give you ad templates you can use to steal attention from all
the other ads …

…and show you a method you can use to get traffic rolling, armed with only $5!

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