The Fountainhead Entrepreneur

TheI started reading the Fountainhead yesterday; under a shady tree that bows in the back of a quiet cafe.

Although I work at this cafe every day I don’t normally use the tree spot. It’s saved for special relaxation occasions.

Last night, I took my Kindle and sat there. The air was still and the night was cool. I read for hours.

The story resonated with me.

An older man lectures a 22-year old Architecture student about the “status quo” and why the boy should conform. He claims that everything good has already been done by the Greeks and we aren’t supposed to change whatever has been established.

The boy’s character came across with the arrogance and blindness only an in-experienced yet self-assured person would have. He, of course did not agree.

As the two dialogued back and forth, I connected with the younger man.

Any true entrepreneur would have connected

We don’t do things blindly without asking why. We don’t follow someone else’s plan just because it is a plan.

Too many people think they are being “different” because of their title ‘entrepreneur’. But are they?

Or are they still sheeping about imitating only a different crowd?

Have you ever asked yourself …

  •  Why do I need my own website for THIS business? Can’t I make more sales in a different place instead?
  •  Do I REALLY need an optin form or did I just put one up because someone told me it would help?
  •  Am I the owner of this business, or am i a slave labourer helping someone else’s business get ahead? Is this really better than employment?

These questions are ones you should have asked and answered long ago.

The answers are not what you expect…otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. 

We are independent thinkers.

When we face a problem, we don’t look to our left and our right to see what others are doing. We don’t copy our neighbours. We don’t follow blindly and believe everything we are told.

It’s our job to be CRITICAL… sceptical, even – to think with independence, to analyse, and to pick apart. These are characteristics of ideal man.

These are the characteristics of heroes…of leaders.

We don’t follow…and we don’t ask to lead.

We charge unrelentingly ahead– while the leaches and parasites cling on–hoping to gain from our success.

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