The “invest in yourself” lie

A presenter asks…

“How much money have you spent on info-products?”

It was one of those “free webinars” we’ve all come to know
and love–nothing more than a glorified sales pitch itself.

Shocking was the response!

5k…10K…20K, 30k

One guy claimed he spent 80,000 dollars.

I felt my stomach turn.

The BizOp space is like a dirty religion, with System Owners
as predatory priests…and distributors & affiliates as their prey.

Which is ridiculously accurate, since there’s only TWO types
of BizOp marketers.

The predators who make money.

And the prey who don’t.

Super Affiliates…and Customer Affiliates.

Let me clarify. We’re not talking about customers being prey–in
a legitimate business, the relationship between customer and merchant is
sacred. It’s about someone who needs a solution and another who solves it.

What we’re talking about here is the stark difference
between two types of SELLERS.

A Super Affiliate who ACTUALLY sells…

And a Customer Affiliate who has the “seller” label…but is in
fact, an unknowing customer, on whom the real sellers prey.

I used to think that there’s a gradual progression between
the two. That somehow, a small-time inexperienced affiliate marketer or
distributor, if he learns enough skills and gets enough practice, will
eventually upgrade his earnings and his status.

But this isn’t what happens.

You either go in a winner and win bigger…or you go in a
loser and lose everything.

Just think…

Lions prey on gazelles. But you’ve never seen a gazelle who’s
outrun enough lions “eventually” become a lion herself, right?

Similarly, you’re not going to go from a Customer Affiliate
to Super Affiliate by buying enough courses.

It could happen, if you get the RIGHT course…but trying as many as you can until you find the right one isn’t much of a strategy either.

All the “rags to riches” tales told by the gooroos of the
industry…they were unfortunate and destitute, failing, homeless, living out of
their mother’s basement… after they bought enough courses and “invested in
themselves”, they became millionaires.

This is fiction.

They WANT you to think there is a “natural progression” from
buyer to seller.

There is not!

Most of the “rags” part of the story is unrelated and
separate from their journey to millionairedom.

But it’s convenient for them to tell you such stories. Because the
longer you believe the tale of progression, the longer you keep buying.

Reality is, people who do well selling BizOps start out as
predators and hone their skills as they go.

Let me give you a quick example…

When I joined Network Marketing for the first-time, the
big-shot leader who recruited me, told a fine tale of how poor he was and how
he and his friend would walk for miles, and take the bus to meetings, talk to hundreds
of people and go through countless rejections…

Two months after joining, he became a Gold-level Director.

We all loved that story.

But as I got to spend more time with him, I found out, the
Porsche he drove, which we all believed came out of USANA commissions…

It was a lease.

Not only that, he leased it THE VERY DAY he signed up as a
distributor. He knew he was going to target our University’s students (a
university he dropped out of btw). And a fancy car is a HUGE appeal to students.
Some of us worked a full-time job alongside a part-time study load, JUST to pay
off our cars.

And the 2,000 dollar commission check that he earned his
first week?

He got that by BUYING distributorship packages under false names from himself. He used the same trick to advance all the way up to

It was an investment he made–not in training, but in creating
the appearance of success, so we would pay our monthly autoships and bring him our
people to recruit.

Does this guy sound like he was EVER anyone’s prey?


This is just tip of the ice-berg. The industry is full of
these stories. Your favourite gooroos are grossly re-interpreting numbers like
their “8-figure earner” status and how many leads they’ve “personally”
generated…when we all know they have a GANG of affiliates doing that for them.

Now don’t let this dishearten you. You don’t have to be a
crook or a liar to be a Top Distributor.

You just need to make a choice.

Are you a winner or are you a loser?

Winners don’t play around. They set a rock-solid plan to
win, and they execute it.

Along the way, they MAY need to purchase a course or two to
learn a skill they need. They WILL invest in themselves and their business. But
investment, doesn’t mean “buy”.

It means, “buy strategically”.

When you spend on something, you should know exactly what
purpose, opportunity, and profit there is to be gained from it.

This is what sets apart the Super Affiliate from the
Customer Affiliate.

A Customer Affiliate has no clue what he needs to do. He’s
waiting for someone to tell him buy this and buy that. And he’ll keep buying,
fooling himself into thinking he’s making progress, until he’s in the street,
begging for change.

Even his buying patterns are unplanned. He just buys with a
big stupid smile on his face, all on some vague notion of “I’m investing in

The Super Affiliate knows, without a shadow of doubt, exactly
what he needs to do to win and he does EXACTLY that…nothing more…nothing less.

When I struck off on my own and left the Affiliate game for
good, I knew who my people were going to be. I wanted to attract people like
you, who’ve been jaded by the BizOp industry. Who’ve tried what the gooroos
told them and started to have doubts.

Because I didn’t want to be another self-appointed gooroo. I wanted to teach real skills (that i really have). To people who were finally
ready to learn.

And I intentionally did not create an affiliate program…or a
marketing system…even though it might have paid off quicker and easier.

But I wanted business longevity through quality.

This is why i am releasing the Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit in a few days. It’s a very special resource that aims to change your status, quite abruptly from being a “wing it” Customer
Affiliate … to a strategic Super Affiliate.

I do not want to change you through a “natural progression” from
“newbie” customer to seller.

I ASSUME you are a predator who wants a plan to

If you are a predator, as i assume, reserve your Super Traffic DIY Kit below,
and let’s do this!

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