For me, the choice was simple…

When you think about it, there are two types of people–the ones who work for someone and the ones who have people working for them.

But in the end, there’s only one way both types of people earn money:


We’re all trading something for money. Some people work in the machine while others own it. But employee or employer, the machine is what pays you.

Yet people say business is risky.

What about business is risky? Owning it or being a cog inside it?

As an employee of a business, you still endure the same risks of the business, without being in the driver’s seat. If the business you work for hits some unexpected turbulence or the the higher-ups make a bad judgement call, the employee will fall before the leadership.

Except one little thing…

When you own the business, the bad judgement call that brought it all crashing down is likely to be a decision made by YOU. And 500 employees are now out of a job but perhaps had you been in the driver’s seat, you may have made a smarter, more responsible choice. Who knows.

Business is actually more secure than employment.

When you’re in business, your security comes from two things that are REALLY hard to lose all at once:

1. Your customer-base.
2. Your employee-base.

First off, you rely on 30, 100, 1000, 1 million, 10 million customers for your livelihood. And guess what? If one of them decides to cut you off, the business isn’t out on its butt. New customers will come along.

Similarly, you rely on 5, 10, 100, 1000 employees to do the work. If one breaks his back and can’t work any more, no problem. You can replace him like a spare part.

Years ago, I did not know all these things.

But I did know the journey I was on would close the door on my employability for the rest of my life. That the expensive post-graduate degree I spent the past 20 years working to qualify for and acquire was going to rot in a drawer somewhere. Without adding work experience on my resume, there was no way I’d ever find anyone to hire me.

All the same, I asked myself:

“Are you ok to never work at a regular job, like regular people for the rest of your life?”

The question was heavy, but the answer was easy.

Something like 80% of the population of this planet work for 20% of the population of this planet. I mean, what is so special about that 20% that you should work for them? Are they smarter? Better equipped? Born with some physical advantage you do not have?

To borrow from Willy Shakespeare:

“When you stick your prick in them, do they not bleed?”

In fact, most successful business owners are quite ordinary by most measures. A very small handful are smarter than the average person, but most are not.

So what’s to prevent you or anyone willing to take decisions that affect others from being an employer instead of employee?

I chose to own a business, to be in charge of others. And I have never looked back.

Many employees eventually take the plunge to start their own business.

But they spend the entire 3 months of their “try” second-guessing their decisions. Looking for the perfect excuse to turn back and save themselves from failure.

Let me tell you something, my friend.

Security is merely a fiction created by the enlightened for people who prefer to remain blissfully ignorant.

Job security is fiction. The only reason anyone can retain a job for 20 years is they’re keeping the business they work for in business.

Try working for a company that’s routinely losing money–or try being the proud operator of a job that doesn’t make the company you work for any money. Tell me if you have job security then.

When employees decide to start their own business most stay in the employee way of thinking. The manual labour, the risk-aversion, the fear.

For instance, most first-time entrepreneurs end up creating a job for themselves instead of creating jobs (plural!) for others.

Like i said, business is a machine. A job-finding, job-fulfilling machine.

And it gets its unshakable security by employing a LOT of people to go find work and a LOT of others to do the work. People close deals. And people do the day-to-day fulfillment of a service or product. So if you’re the sole employee of your business, what exactly are you accomplishing?

When you own a business you don’t run it and you don’t build it. No. Instead, you benefit from smart, skilled, and experienced people doing the building work for you… people who aren’t doing the same work for themselves because they’re too smart for their own good and they’re scared shitless to work outside the confines of a machine someone else started.

By starting a business, you consciously or unconciously decided to be an employer. So employ!

People want to work for business machines–each in their own capacity, as employees, contractors, volunteers, or customers. But these people expect you to make choices for them–that’s why they will work for you.

Employees want you to tell them what to do, and they’ll pay you with their toil and labour.

And customers want you to tell them what to buy, and they’ll pay you the money they earned from their toil and labour.

So here’s me following my own advice…

My team and i have created a fantastic, comprehensive how-to-guide to setup and configure a Super Traffic Machine of your own. The machine is the foundation blocks of your online business. The basic working machine.

Before you go off and ask anyone to join your team, you need to lay this foundation down…with help, on your own, whatever. But get it done first.

Once all the pieces are in place, you turn it on, traffic flows, leads convert, and sales are made. You take the proceeds of your business, and start employing people to make it bigger and better.

I’ve made the decision for you that you need this training.

In the manuals, schematics, and design of your machine, I’ve gone to extremely detailed lengths to tell you exactly what you need to do–few choices, just directions. So go ahead and get the DIY Super Traffic Machine Kit here:

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