If you’re an affiliate marketer, I have an eye-opening idea to share with you–

it makes earning affiliate commissions so easy that even with a “less than ideal” product and a poor sales pitch, people will desperately buy from you.

Look, affiliate marketers have a HUGE advantage over most other types of internet marketers.


I’m talking about their ability to very quickly switch out and test products as answers to market demand.

Not long ago, I was consulted by a guy who had the “ridiculous” target of taking his business to 100 million dollars over the next 3 months. I thought he was dreaming until I saw what he was up to.

His business model was very cool.

He sent a starving crowd to his site and tested products against the audience.

What’s interesting is that all the products he put in front of the traffic to buy were affiliate products. So he could test tens of products at a time.

And they bought like CRAZY!

What was even more brilliant is that only after he proved that a product was selling would he go ahead and actually create a similar product of his own–but even that he didn’t do himself. He outsourced it for a few hundred bucks to someone who researches and creates products for a living.

Once he knew the best product to offer, he knew exactly what needed to be in his product. He created it and sold his product to the same type of traffic that was buying in the first place.

Care to take a guess what this little business model was worth?

10 million dollars per month! And get this–the entire lifetime of that business model was THREE months at the time of our consultation.

Now this is a brilliant example of how the affiliate game is REALLY done when you know what you’re doing.

Unfortunately, this is NOT how the average affiliate thinks.

Most affiliates are busy testing AUDIENCES instead of products.

They choose a product FIRST–usually based on how big the percentage of compensation or earning is. They fixate on it, stubbornly, even if they have never sold one unit, and they start GUESSING at who to sell it to.

No matter how lucrative the comp plan, if you’re not making sales, it’s not lucrative for you.

The only way to test audiences quickly is by throwing a LOT of money on traffic until you find a group of people who prove they want the product by buying. This is dumb.

On the other hand, if you find an audience starving for a solution to some desperate pain…anything you put in front of them, no matter how bad you are at selling it, they’ll buy. You can test products to see if you can make more money, but even your absolute worst case scenario is not ZERO sales–it’s SOME sales.

Try offering a burned slice of toast to a starving person–you’re not going to hear any lip about their preference for meat.

That’s the power of choosing a starving audience, not changing it ever, and then testing products against them.

Be stubborn about the audience. Not the product.

Go on. Recognize your own flexibility as an affiliate marketer. It’s your biggest advantage over product creators. You can very quickly and without any sense of regret dump any dumb affiliate product your audience doesn’t want.

Finding a starving audience ready to buy anything you put in front of them is something you and i can explore together in the third user manual of the DIY Super Traffic Machine.

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