hey, listen i’m sorry i’ve been really bad at keeping you updated lately.

It’s not that you’re not on my mind, but i’ve gotten seriously behind schedule on the DIY Super Traffic Machine production schedule. and i’m racing with the clock, fighting against what i’ve suspected for a while might be Fibromyalgia–though i can’t find a single dang doctor to diagnose it.

Anyway, onto the point of this message…

Being known as a “traffic guy” has its perks, obviously. But while i know a lot of great platform-specific “tricks”, those aren’t really what YOU need to learn from me.

A platform-specific trick is like…

…something you can do JUST with Google Adwords or Facebook that can increase clicks to your site or helps you uncover pockets of “cheap” traffic.

But that’s won’t do you much good to learn.

It’s kinda like how my doctors have been REALLY good at prescribing pain killers and physiotherapy and acupuncture to treat my muscle cramps and headaches…which are SYMPTOMS.

…Instead of freakin’ getting to the point of diagnosing the CAUSE of why every single muscle in my body aches, all the time.

You look at your website today, and you see “oh i’m not getting much traffic”, so you’re always looking for that traffic secret that’s going to give you more.

But what’s the underlying cause here?

Below is a list of the most common causes for “little traffic” and how you can very easily and quickly fix them:

* CAUSE #1: You aren’t advertising (duh)

TREATMENT: If you’re not advertising, then what you need to do is start advertising today. Most of the time, the reason for not advertising is that you LIKE the idea of having an online business, but you don’t have one. You don’t know what to sell and you’re still jumping from program to program.

In the Super Traffic Machine, i show you a better way to select a business and a product to sell. It’s a sort of reverse process than most…but you’ll get details on how to scientifically select the PERFECT product everyone will want to buy in Module 4 of the Super Traffic Machine. It’s killer.

* CAUSE #2: You don’t have enough money to start advertising

TREATMENT: Find someone with money to invest and ask them to partner with you 50/50. Goodness knows you’ve bought enough traffic training courses to know every trick in the book.

Most people think they’re going to build up a bigger budget. But that’s the REALLY slow and painful way. 100% of zero profit is zero, why not get 50% of something?

You’d be surprised how many friends you have who are interested in diversifying their income for a share in a small business you’ll run.

Show someone your plan and tell them how much you need. Spend your energy on making that deal. Trust me it will be quicker.

In Module 1 of the DIY Super Traffic Machine’s i show you how to get people you know to willingly invest into your business. And if you have a spouse who thinks you’re wasting your time, there’s a few neat tricks to get them to start supporting you.

* CAUSE #3: You’re advertising, but you’re not recovering what you’re spending on traffic

TREATMENT: Forget copywriting courses and split-testing…find a product with a high profit margin ($1,000 minimum) and start writing to your leads a daily broadcast email with a sales link in every message. Pitch NOTHING but that product.

Between 2011 and 2012 i sent 548 total live broadcast messages, all sales-driven. For two years, i sold NOTHING but one high-ticket product and made a killing…we even had to turn MANY customers away because we couldn’t keep up with demand.

This is the single MOST valuable “traffic” skill you’ll ever learn.

In Module 5 of the Super Traffic Machine you’ll see step by step how to make people want to hear a sales pitch from you every freaking day. And in Module 7 you’ll learn to actually come up with that many email ideas.

That’s all for today.

Hope you learned something fun and useful.

More info on the DIY Super Traffic Machine can be found at the link below. Sign up if you haven’t already…

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