Weird PPC traffic decisions

I do the weirdest

The hardest
part of managing traffic for clients is explaining these weird decisions I make.

if the client thinks they know a thing or two.

Take this
one guy I’ve been butting heads with the past couple weeks for instance. He’s
one of those nickel and dime types who thinks every click should result in a
sale from day 1.

He’s been
whining about cost vs sales…after about $200 of spending from a planned
$10,000/month budget.

think I’d go in there and start split-testing like crazy to drive down the cost
paid per click.

I did no
such thing.

Instead, I did
the exact opposite. I raised the “cost per click” bid to almost double in some


Arghh….that will take
too much time to explain in detail here.

But here’s
what happened.

A few short
hours later, we had more conversions than any day before.

There was
also more clicks (ie, traffic).

And finally I have some traction in the campaign to actually start doing my thing i was hired to do.

Did his cost
per lead go down?


It actually
went up a little.

But here’s why
it’s irrelevant and doesn’t bother me.

other sources of traffic, PPC is NOT a one-time “milk it for all it’s worth
before it stops working” type of thing.

You set…and
then you forget.

It’s kind
of like a garden hose attached to a tap. You turn the tap to get the water
flowing and you expect a little misdirected splash until you get a chance to
walk over to the roses and point the hose at them. Only then can you go into “cruise

PPC is like

First, you
have to SET… before you can forget.

Once your campaign
is set, you can literally walk away and let the traffic roll itself uninterrupted for months
or years even.

My point is…

If you want your traffic on cruise control, you have to invest into the
setup process first and you’ve got to be ok with missing the mark a little in the

The automation makes it all worthwhile.

Folks can’t
seem to get their heads around this idea.

Instead, they want
to fill a bucket with water, take it to the roses, water some of them, then return
to the tap for more…Without losing a single drop of water along the way.

Hey, it’s
cool if you want to keep doing that with your traffic forever.

But my honest advice is, DON’T think
about PPC traffic. It just isn’t right for you.

PPC is for
lazy/busy people like me.

If you don’t
like complicating your life with traffic and you fancy the idea of putting
it all on auto-pilot, then you can watch how I do it in Traffic KickStart.

demonstrate how to get your traffic “set” with only a $5 daily budget if that’s
all you can invest.

It’s quite
cool, really.

And people love it. That’s why i keep selling it.

Plus, inside I explain
some of these weird decisions I make–which even seasoned PPC experts don’t get.

You’ll find
the details all in here…

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