If i could go back…

I’d NEVER build my business in such a way that it relies on me for its day to day operation.

It’s easy to fall into this trap of making one person do everything. The problem with this approach is it creates in the foundations of your business a single point of failure–and it WILL ultimately break, no question about it. If that person (or you) gets sick or has a bad day, the whole business gets sick and has a bad day.

Recovering from those break downs is crippling and takes time at critical points when you can’t afford it.

Recently I was having dinner with a relative of my wife’s who is a multi-millionaire. He introduced me to a successful friend of his who runs an insanely profitable software company.

During the dinner conversation, the friend revealed one of his best secrets:

He keeps 10 programmers “in reserve” like in a baseball or football team.

Their job is simply to be “backup players”—they’re paid a minimal salary JUST to be there in case someone else leaves or is let go.

Why would he do that if it wasn’t important?

When you’re running a business, you really can’t afford to gamble on human error—human relationships and emotions are a fragile thing. People fail and break down and quit.

I know what you’re thinking.

In a startup business, when you have limited financial resources, it’s nearly impossible to hire anyone—let alone invest into redundancy.

But I’ve learned the hard way that it’s cheaper in the long run to hire, even if it means borrowing or finding rich investors to pay for it. It’s the number one best thing to invest into–creating a large work force of very talented people in your organisation.

And when I want to hire out a job to contractors, i now ALWAYS hire two people to do the same job and let them know they’re both doing the same job so they would compete with one another.

I’ve become very creative at hiring on a budget too.

If finances limit me from paying for the same job twice, then I break up the job into two, three, or ten pieces and hire each piece to a different contractor.


In addition to ensuring that if one contractor fails to deliver, the whole project can go on, another inherent advantage of splitting a job between multiple contractors is that no SINGLE contractor has all the pieces of your business.

Hey, business is cut-throat.

You can’t afford to put the destiny of your fragile and under-resourced STARTUP business in one vendor’s hands. They could go to your clients and undercut you—or they could sell your intellectual property to one of your competitors—or they could themselves become one of your fiercest competitors.

When you’re onto something good, EVERYONE wants to take it from you.

So even if you have limited financial resources, you need to learn to get the most human leverage you possibly can while simultaneously protecting your business from human failure and from human greed.

Your #1 enemy from day 1 is YOU.

Everyone starts their first business venture trying to do everything themselves. But it’s wrong. You cannot possibly be master of every skill needed to develop, market, and sell your business. Even if you were (like I am) master of every skill, you have no more than 24 hours in a day, and you’re human.

You get sick.

You get tired.

And you get bored.

How do you protect your business from you?

The DIY Super Traffic Machine, was constructed as a “Do It Yourself” step-by-step guide to build a high traffic affiliate business online—but unlike other training you’ve tried, we have a customers-only member area where you can find trusted contractors to do work for you.

Every task in the setup of your Super Traffic Machine has been broken into “micro jobs” (very small, very cheap, yet critical jobs) that correspond to specific tasks in the manuals. This way, if you don’t want to do something yourself, you can hire out whatever you want from the simplest job to the most complex.

Of course, you always have full detailed instructions and “done for you” templates to do the jobs on your own if that’s what you want–we would never force you to hire out. But if you want my best business advice—I’d tell you hire out everything you can afford. And get into the habit as early as you can.

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