When It’s Cool to FART in public


It’s pretty lonely…

When you’re a full-time Home Business owner.

Especially if you’re a loner, workaholic like me. Living on “the
other side of the world”, away from the hub of the home business boom…in a
place where the whole concept of working from home is foreign.

Let me tell you a funny story to set the stage.

Today I had to go to the Free Zone business center to take
care of my son’s residency visa here.

He did not have to be with me.

All they needed was MY signature actually. No body needed to
be with me.

But ever since Aya and I got married, I have literally taken
her with me EVERYWHERE. We’re inseparable.

As much of a loner as I am, I was raised on the value that
one’s family is the ONLY real friends we have in the world. And I live that
rule as if it were God-made.

For years, everyone who saw us thought it was cute that I brought
my wife everything–but they figured the moment we had kids, all this would

So far it hasn’t.

Even to a business center…or meeting…I lug along my wife and
my child with me. I might send them off nearby to keep them busy, but they’re
always with me.

A lesser man would be embarrassed. But not I.

Back to the funny story…

There I am in the middle of a bunch of suits, in the waiting
room, baby carriage in front of me, and my gurgling baby in my arms. I’m playing
with him.

All of a sudden, Adam decides it’s a GREAT time to push out

The room was quiet…and his fart echoed loud and clear for
all to hear.

Many turned to look disapprovingly in our direction. My wife
was HUMILIATED…she blushed red and prepared to leave the room.


I thought it was hilarious.

As I’ve often said to you guys, the thing I value above
all things is my independence. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I do
things my way. And that’s that.

You should try it sometime. Celebrate your independence. It’s

But i also mentioned at the start of this message, that having
a home business is lonely.

And as fulfilling as the company of family can be, there are
times when your success depends on being surrounded by your peers…people with
the same interests as you…working on similar problems as yours.

Over the 7+ years I’ve done online traffic…all of which I’ve
made a living exclusively from my home business…

I’ve found my most productive times, when I’ve had my
biggest breakthrus were while interacting with my peers.

Sometimes in partnership…other times in masterminds.

Indeed, my first attempt at anything kinda blows.

But if I get
some feedback from someone else, their ideas and mine turn into something quite

For instance, I’ve been in one mastermind for over 5 years.
Before launching anything I have a bit of back and forth with the guys in the
group before settling on the final form you guys end up seeing. And it usually
pays off, so I keep doing it.

There’s huge demand in this industry for closing that “lonely”

People pay upwards of 10,000 to be in a mastermind…or to
go to a conference where they can brush shoulders with trainers…

Truth be told, few people are actually deriving the full
benefit of their investment.

The real value in these things is rarely the golden nuggets
of wisdom dropped. You can get that in a much cheaper course or book.

What you pay for is the organic companionship and
partnership you receive from your peers. Usually you don’t even get that from
the trainer who organizes and supervises the whole thing.

Indeed, the only students I’ve ever seen gain “overnight”
success are those who worked in partnership with one or more people.

And I think this is the real reason for the success of the
original Communicology v1.0 with its 6 member class. The back and forth, the
bouncing of ideas, the varied opinions and perspectives, and the cumulative
creativity from everyone in the group.

So if you don’t have the results you want from your business…

you’re not feeling very creative…

and you get what I mean about home business
being “lonely”…

…then I encourage you to take another look at Communicology 701.

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It’s a revolutionary way to learn communication in
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