Why I don’t like the News


I’m not a
guy who enjoys the news.

Maybe I’m a
little bit of a wuss. But something about seeing images of dead people…and what
humans are capable of doing to their fellow man…it rattles my bones.

philosophy is, if something bad is going on in the world and I need to know about
it, there’ll be enough people talking about it.

my wife doesn’t share the same view.

She often tries
to show me what’s going on in Jordan, Syria, or Gaza…and it’s always messed up stuff.
Images of torn limbs in a fatal car accident. A deadly fight that breaks out in
a wedding and the mangled faces of the aftermath. Graphic images of massacres
and wars.

Last night,
she turned the TV over to the goings on in Gaza.


But from
experience, I figured what we’re seeing in the Middle Eastern channels is
probably not the same version of the news being seen by Americans and Brits.

I was

exactly is the Western world seeing right now, compared to us?

“Aya, turn
to CNN,” I said.

She did.

In turn we
watched CNN, BBC, and Fox news.

And exactly
as I suspected, a completely different perspective. It was like seeing news
about an entirely different event.

So why am I
telling you this?

I’m not
here to make a political statement or a commentary on the news.

As a
marketer your job is NOT just to drive traffic or sell products.

Your job is
to tell YOUR version of the truth about your product.

And just
like the news gears “its version of the truth” to the leanings of the producer’s
agenda, which includes ratings and viewership…

has to do the same.

It has to
be a representation of your views.

And it has
to be a representation of your audience’s views.

But does YOUR
marketing do that?

When I look
around this incestuous industry of ours, I see ONE viewpoint that was once
creative…being replicated to exhaustion by EVERYONE.

nothing new.

No unique perspectives.

Last week I
told you about the opening of Communicology 701, our new sales training
Workshop. In a few hours, we’ll be
holding the first Workshop.

In it, we’re
going to learn about creativity through perspective.

A new perspective
can make an old thing look new.

And your
prospects LOVE to buy things that they think is new.


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